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Silent Kingdom: A World Beneath the Waves Silent Kingdom Reveals The World Beneath The Waves In An Ethereal Collection Of Black And White Underwater PhotographyThrough Stunning Black And White Images, Award Winning Photographer Christian Vizl Uses A Masterful Control Of Light And Shadow To Portray The Creatures Of The Sea As They Are Rarely Seen, At Home In The Ethereal World Beneath The Waves From Capturing The Ferocity Of Sharks To The Playful Dance Of Dolphins, Vizl Turns Aquatic Creatures And Marine Seascapes Into Visions Of Sublime Grace And Beauty Suspended In Time And Space With Each Turn Of The Page, Venture Deeper Into The One Realm In Which Humans Do Not Reign And Discover An Unforgettable World That Few Have Ever Seen Though The Ocean Covers Over Percent Of Planet Earth, Over Percent Of That Vast Wilderness Remains Unexplored As Human Activity Begins To Impact These Once Untouched Regions, It Is Important Now Than Ever To Acknowledge Both The Beauty And Value Of Our Seas And The Necessity Of Preserving One Of The Last True Wild Frontiers Of Our World Silent Kingdom Is Both An Ode Both To The Beauty Of The Ocean And The Magnificent Creatures That Inhabit It And A Call To Action To Preserve The Fragile Underwater World Of Our Planet

4 thoughts on “Silent Kingdom: A World Beneath the Waves

  1. Cliente academics20193.se Cliente academics20193.se says:

    Me ha encantado es maravilloso todo perfecto el libro el env o todo ok

  2. M. Heltsley M. Heltsley says:

    This is a beautiful book I can t stop picking it up and looking at the amazing photos I love it.

  3. Cristian Infante Cristian Infante says:

    Amazing book It s a must if you love underwater photography.

  4. Judy Hodgens Judy Hodgens says:

    This book is so beautiful it belongs in a fine furniture or design showroom Stunning, exquisite, each page is a masterpiece by the photographer Very well produced.

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