download pdf Silent Cinema: A Guide to Study, Research and Curatorship (English Edition) eBook: Paolo Cherchi Usai: Tienda KindleAuthor Paolo Cherchi Usai –

Silent Cinema: A Guide to Study, Research and Curatorship (English Edition) eBook: Paolo Cherchi Usai: Tienda Kindle Paolo Cherchi Usai, renowned film curator, filmmaker, and programmer, has created an engaging saga of the diverse ways in which people have made films and rescued them for others to enjoy Silent Cinema is a rare feast of information, ideas, and insights Using Melies moon shot as a recurring example, Cherchi Usai surveys everything from perforations and acting performances to musical accompaniment, each treated with clarity and wit Particularly valuable are the nuanced accounts of how digital technology has transformed our attitudes toward silent films The reader comes away with a deeper appreciation of the patient curators who have dedicated themselves to making old cinema perpetually new David Bordwell, Jacques Ledoux Professor Emeritus of Film Studies, University of Wisconsin Madison, USA For decades, Paolo Cherchi Usai s book had been a definitive and inspiring guide to silent cinema and stays so today when this formerly out of the way and obscure field of study has entered the realm of mainstream entertainment It stays so because Cherchi Usai has kept it up to date by way of questioning rather than going along with contemporary dogmas and illusions Silent film was a performative rather than a technologically reproductive medium digitization of the photochemical is a deadly remedy instead of a hoped for panacea No stone unturned I fully endorse Paolo Cherchi Usai s daringly cautionary guide Yuri Tsivian, William Colvin Emeritus Professor at the University of Chicago, USA This third edition of an already classic introduction to cinema s silent era may be the best of all Instead of merely updating his pioneering text, Paolo Cherchi Usai has re thought what the early period means to us today, and addresses the digital natives who will be its main readers It s hard to imagine aenthusiastic or authoritative introduction Ian Christie , Anniversary Professor of Film and Media History, Birkbeck, University of London, UK

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