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Seven Deadly Shadows Thank you to Edelweiss for the ARC in exchange for an honest review DNF at 41%Well, it didn t work for me I thought it would, but it didn t.There s an interesting idea rooted in Japanese folklore, which I was passingly familiar with thanks to the anime and manga Ghost Hunt A murder and then some ghost stuff and then trying to make things safe in some way.But it was unremarkable besides that I couldn t get attached to the characters, the plot felt predictable like any other YA fantasy I ve read, and, overall, it just was a huge miss for me I m sure I could have finished the book, but I kept making faces when I thought about picking it up It just wasn t for me I m sure others will love this and I really find it an interesting idea, but I couldn t get into reading it. Kira Shinigami Sounds like it kind of took inspiration from Death Note I m on board with it, I love novels set in Japan. Kira Fujikawa Has Always Been A Girl On The Fringe Bullied By Her Peers And Ignored By Her Parents, The Only Place Kira S Ever Felt At Home Is At Her Grandfather S Shinto Shrine, Where She Trains To Be A PriestessBut Kira S Life Is Shattered On The Night Her Family S Shrine Is Attacked By A Vicious Band Of Yokai Demons With The Help Of Shiro The Shrine S Gorgeous Half Fox, Half Boy Kitsune Kira Discovers That Her Shrine Harbors An Ancient Artifact Of Great Power One The Yokai And Their Demon Lord, Shuten Doji, Will Use To Bring Down An Everlasting Darkness Upon The World Unable To Face The Shuten Doji And His Minions On Her Own, Kira Enlists The Aid Of Seven Ruthless Shinigami Or Death Gods To Help Stop The Brutal Destruction Of Humankind But Some Of The Death Gods Aren T Everything They Initially Seemed, Nor As Loyal To Kira S Cause As They First AppearedWith War Drawing Nearer By The Day, Kira Realizes That If This Unlikely Band Of Heroes Is Going To Survive, They Re Going To Have To Learn To Work Together, Confront Their Demons, And Rise As One To Face An Army Of Unimaginable Evil 4.25 5 stars.25 ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The best thing about reading a book that features unfamiliar mythology is getting to do an internet deep dive to learn all you d like to know about said mythology I love books that encourage me to learn, and Seven Deadly Shadows did just that I had an incredible time reading this It might not have been perfect, but it was a lot of fun There were many fascinating characters to learn about and plenty of adventure to enjoy I think this author duo worked really well together and I would love to read from them in the future should they decide to write another book together. 3.5 stars and I was mildly tempted to add another 0.5 for the way it got me deep in my anime feels This was such a fun book to read, mostly because it s another book that read exactly like the sorts of anime I enjoy It s fast paced, magical and compelling, and I enjoyed it and the characters a lot Are you ready I m not Thank you to the publisher via Edelweiss for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review. Well, it appears this one has been pushed back to January 28, 2020 That s so far Sounds like anime in book form and I am here for it The only anime I could stand, tbh. Oh my fucking god This sounds like all my favorite anime wrapped up in one I NEEEEEDDDD THISSSSS um yes I need this right now

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