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Sebi and the Land of Cha Cha Cha From Devious Maids star Roselyn Sanchez and Witches of East Endstar Eric Winter comes a story about the joys of danceIt isEl Carnaval LatinoandSebiis reallyexcited She loves the colorfulclothes, the livelymusic but most of all she loves the dance Her mother says she is a bit too young to take dance lessons But when a beautifulCotorra birdflies by and invites her and herfriend,Keeketo follow, they are ledon an exciting adventureto an enchanted land where the dancing fun has just begunPerfect for young children who love to dance

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    Sebi and the Land of Cha Cha Cha is charming, magical, and beautifully illustrated It introduces dance by using the sweetest, most comical characters as well as colorful, joyous illustrations I have given it to several of my friends as gifts and their little ones are loving the magic world of the wide eyed Sebi and her friends A WoNdErFuL gift for all of the children in your life Also available inSPANISH

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    Loved the book purchased as gift for a grandchild Lovely illustration.

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    Love love love

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    This is a cute story We watched the YouTube video it promoted several times and my 6 year old twins loved it.

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    great book

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    Inspirational, beautifully illustrated

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    Such a cute story My daughter and I love to read this book.

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    Such a cute book Love it

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    Love it

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