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Scratch Coding Cards: Scratch 3 Kids Learn To Code With A Deck Of Instructional Cards By Creating Interactive Games, Stories, Music, And Animations With Scratch, A Popular Visual Programming LanguageNow Updated For Scratch , This Card Deck Features Interactive Programming Projects You Can Make With Scratch, A Free To Use Graphical Programming Language Used By Millions Of Kids Around The World The Front Of Each Card Shows An Activity, Like Pong, Write An Interactive Story, Create A Virtual Pet, Play Hide And Seek The Back Shows How To Put Code Blocks Together To Make Projects Come To Life Along The Way, Kids Learn Coding Concepts Like Sequencing, Conditionals, And Variables

2 thoughts on “Scratch Coding Cards: Scratch 3

  1. ClaoGV ClaoGV says:

    I like them colorful and if you want to give it to the kids so they can work with them PERFECT great for STEM and programming will say 8 years old can do it on their own K,1,2 you an do it with them

  2. Kim Beauchamp Kim Beauchamp says:

    They helped my daughter with her coding classes They were easy to read Color coded for her to group and use Great for beginners who want to code.

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