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Schindlers List In The Shadow Of Auschwitz, A Flamboyant German Industrialist Grew Into A Living Legend To The Jews Of Cracow He Was A Womaniser, A Heavy Drinker And A Bon Viveur, But To Them He Became A Saviour This Is The Extraordinary Story Of Oskar Schindler, Who Risked His Life To Protect Jews In Nazi Occupied Poland And Who Was Transformed By The War Into A Man With A Mission, A Compassionate Angel Of Mercy

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  1. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    Much has been said about the 1993 Stephen Spielberg Oscar winning movie In 2007, it ranked 8th in the 100 Best American Movies For All Times list I saw it twice in the movie house when it was released I bought copies of it Copies because you know how technology progresses VHS, then VCD, then DVD, then Blue Ray when will this ever stop Every time I bought me a copy,

  2. Fabian Fabian says:

    I was semi familiar with the Schindler legacy probably seen the film 5 or 6 times Isn t it peculiar that although it is regarded as one of the best biographies films of all time it hardly ever makes it on any person s personal favorites lists Blame the subject matter entirely So this is basically a reading that concentrates most of its attention on all the details t

  3. Manny Manny says:

    Certain people you know who you are were suggesting the other day that no one actually reads Thomas Keneally Well, I notice surprisingly few reviews here, so maybe the accusation has some substance At any rate, I did read the book, and really liked it.Quite apart from anything else, it s an inspiring true story, which the author tells well But the thing I ve thought

  4. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Schindler s Ark Schindler s List, Thomas Keneally 1935 Schindler s Ark released in America as Schindler s List is a Booker Prize winning historical fiction novel published in 1982 by Australian novelist Thomas Keneally, which was later adapted into the highly successful movie Schindler s List directed by Steven Spielberg The United States version of the book was calle

  5. Maciek Maciek says:

    The list is an absolute good The list is life All around its cramped margins lies the gulfThe story behind the book which brought the story of Oskar Schindler to the world is almost as interesting as the story of Schindler himself In October 1980, Thomas Keneally already an established and successful Australian author found himself looking for a new briefcase at the en

  6. ميقات الراجحي ميقات الراجحي says:

    Schindler s Ark 1982 winner of the Booker Prize Biographical novel Thomas Keneally Schindler s Ark 1982 winner of the Booker Prize Biographical novel Thomas Keneally 1000 1100Schindler s List

  7. Jenna Allen Jenna Allen says:

    This is a wonderful book and a wonderful story, everyone should know what oskar schindler did for Jews in WW2 However, this book was very hard to read, like reading a research paper Pfefferberg basically begged Keneally for an hour to write a book because of that the first half of this book was very forced i felt like he didnt want to write this, that his heart wasnt in

  8. Luís C. Luís C. says:

    Oskar Schindler is a legend for all men, women and children who have crossed his path in the Krakow ghetto, or later in the labor and extermination campsOskar had taken on the appearance of the god of deliverance, a double sided god according to Greek mythology, a god crippled vices, resourceful, subtly powerful, and can save lives in such a way as effective free

  9. Marnie Krüger Marnie Krüger says:

    This year I m doing a Reading Challenge so I have 26 books with specific subjects that I need to read.Book 5 A non Fiction bookI m really conflicted about this book.I don t like the Holocaust, I don t like these stories about it and most of all I don t like what was done to those poor people.But still I read these book why do I do it to myself This book was really depress

  10. Jonathan Terrington Jonathan Terrington says:

    The critique of culture is confronted with the last stage in the dialectic of culture and barbarism to write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric, and that corrodes also the knowledge which expresses why it has become impossible to write poetry today.Theodore W AdornoEncapsulated in quotes such as the above is the pure devastating influence across history of the Jewish Holoca

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