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Ruby Under a Microscope: An Illustrated Guide to Ruby Internals Ruby Is A Powerful Programming Language With A Focus On Simplicity, But Beneath Its Elegant Syntax It Performs Countless Unseen TasksRuby Under A Microscope Gives You A Hands On Look At Ruby S Core, Using Extensive Diagrams And Thorough Explanations To Show You How Ruby Is Implemented No C Skills Required Author Pat Shaughnessy Takes A Scientific Approach, Laying Out A Series Of Experiments With Ruby Code To Take You Behind The Scenes Of How Programming Languages Work You Ll Even Find Information On JRuby And Rubinius Two Alternative Implementations Of Ruby , As Well As In Depth Explorations Of Ruby S Garbage Collection AlgorithmRuby Under A Microscope Will Teach You How A Few Computer Science Concepts Underpin Ruby S Complex ImplementationHow Ruby Executes Your Code Using A Virtual MachineHow Classes And Modules Are The Same Inside RubyHow Ruby Employs Algorithms Originally Developed For LispHow Ruby Uses Grammar Rules To Parse And Understand Your CodeHow Your Ruby Code Is Translated Into A Different Language By A CompilerNo Programming Language Needs To Be A Black Box Whether You Re Already Intrigued By Language Implementation Or Just Want To Dig Deeper Into Ruby, You Ll Find Ruby Under A Microscope A Fascinating Way To Become A Better Programmer Covers Ruby X, And

5 thoughts on “Ruby Under a Microscope: An Illustrated Guide to Ruby Internals

  1. JJ JJ says:

    I ve meant to buy this book for ages I wish there were books like this for every programming language It s very readable and approachable Not dry zzz material at all Contrary to what he says though, you cannot really be into it unless you re peeking at the C source General lessons are learnable here that apply to lots of languages too.

  2. BH BH says:

    Great information about Ruby Nice diagrams as well as experiments that show cool Ruby commands to peek into its internals Highly recommend if you are interested in programming languages.

  3. ndc ndc says:

    Amazing Excellent Fantastic Whee

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Learned things that the Ruby reference does not explain well enough Also learned general software engineering concepts, not just Ruby Does not cover the parser in depth, but that s expected as bison is quite complex.

  5. James James says:

    Excellent read

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