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Rocket: Oweners' Workshop Manual, 1942 Rocket motors have made possible everything we do in space from the tiniest motor the size of a pea to giant motors bigger than a house, they have been used to propel into space launchers as tall as St Paul s Cathedral weighing as much as a Navy warship the Saturn V The Rocket Manual tells the story of rocket motors, how they were first developed, how they work, what they are used for and how they are operated This fascinating Manual explains and describes not only the engines themselves but also the rockets that carry payloads into space, to the Moon and to the planetsDavid Baker joined the US space programme during the Apollo years and later worked on the development of NASA s Shuttle He has written widely on spaceflight technology, including five previous Manuals for Haynes, and is editor of Spaceflight, the journal of the British Interplanetary Society He lives in Kent

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