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Risky Business: The classic story from the queen of romance that you won’t be able to put down (English Edition) What a lovely story Poor Liz had a rough deal in life but had made as good a one as possible Jonas is a strong character,a lot like her and they have a mystery to solve I read it very quickly as it drew me in so much A typical Nora Roberts set in a stunning location with a strong female lead Nice to have a twist at the end THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHORThe most successful novelist on Planet Earth Washington PostLiz Palmer runs a dive business in the quiet tranquillity of a Caribbean island Tranquil, that is, until a routine trip over the reef reveals the body of her newest employee diver Jerry Sharpe But when his brother, Jonas, shows up asking questions, Liz cant see how she can help She barely knew Jerry Then someone breaks into Lizs apartment, intent on her murder Liz realises that she is already involved in Jonass quest to unravel Jerrys murky past than she wanted to be And now Jonas and Liz will be drawn into a dangerous criminal underworld that could cost them both their livesNora Roberts is a publishing phenomenon this New York Times bestselling author of overnovels has thanmillion of her books in print worldwidePraise for Nora RobertsA storyteller of immeasurable diversity and talent Publishers WeeklyYou cant bottle wish fulfilment, but Nora Roberts certainly knows how to put it on the page New York TimesEverything Nora Roberts writes turns to gold Romantic TimesRoberts bestselling novels are thoughtfully plotted, well written stories featuring fascinating characters USA Today Always really enjoy a great Nora Roberts mystery love story, just disappointed that I couldn t get narration with this one for my friend who is registered blind First novel I ve read from Nora Roberts and it won t be my last I really enjoyed the story and couldn t put it down. Wow Nora does it again A novel that is packed full of rounded loveable characters or rounded unexpected baddies and with enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat A compelling read that will steal your time and leave you breathless. Good book Good plot Interesting and compulsive read. Hard to decide between Nora Roberts and another author but I will continue to read her books. I have read a lot of Nora Roberts books over the years but have to say I thought this was one of the worst The main crux of the story is that the lead female character does not trust men after getting pregnant by accident at a very young age, having to miss out on collage This same person, throughout the book, over and over, has issues with trust, and has spent 10 long years working her fingers to the bone, moving to a Mexican island and keeping herself from men and other distractions This same person then bleeding goes ahead and jumps into bed with the lead male and happily screws away without any thought of protection Bad storyline and unbelievable that such a distrustful character would not make sure she wasn t stranded with another baby I read it all and also thought the ending was very rushed, as if there was an editor in the background rushing the author to finish the book Not one of Nora s best work but could have been so much better. I just can t say enough good thing s about Nora Roberts, I love love love her books Each book I read I think this is the best one then I read another and that s even better I would definitely recommend that you read this book you will not be disappointed.