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Rick Sammon’s Creative Visualization for Photographers: Composition, exposure, lighting, learning, experimenting, setting goals, motivation and more The Difference Between Seeing And Looking Is Essential Much Like The Difference, In Music, Between Hearing And Listening In Creative Visualization, Master Photographer, Photo Educator And Photo Instructor Rick Sammon Presents His Proven Methodology For Creative Digital Photography His Signature Inspiring And Motivating Approach Opens Creative Avenues For Photographers In A Variety Of Genres With Easy To Follow Examples, Sammon Shows You How Simple Changes With Visualization, Composition, Post Processing, And Can Mean The Difference Between A Snapshot And A Great Shot This Book, Illustrated With Than Of Rick S Photographs, Includes Invaluable Information About Exposure, Composition, Subject Choice, Lighting, Mood, And Depth In The Food For Thought Section, Rick Offers Guidelines For Setting Goals, Getting Motivated, Connecting With A Subject, Learning, Painting With Light, Thinking Like A Painter And In Develop Your Creative Vision, Rick Takes You On An Exploration Of Composition, Exposure, Making Images With Impact, Creating A Mood, Altering Reality, And Pursuing Your Passion Corrective And Creative Image Processing Techniques, As Well As HDR, EDR, Panoramas And Black And White Imaging, Are Covered In The Image Processing Specialties Section Rick Also Shares A Chapter On Self Assignments Photo Challenges That You Can Use To Expand Your Photographic Horizons Canon Explorer Of Light And Master Photographer Rick Sammon Shares The Secrets Behind Learning To See Photographically, To Make The Necessary Changes That Will Have A Noticeable Impact On Your Photographs Includes Easy To Follow Instruction For Post Processing Techniques In Lightroom And Photoshop Tips For Making The Best HDR And EDR Images Are Also Included, As Well As Illustrations Of How Plug Ins Can Help Photographers Awaken The Artist Within Uses Clear, Visual Examples Of Photo Failures Photographs Side By Side With Successful Ones, Outlining The Small, But Important Changes To Composition, Framing, Exposure, Etc That Can Immediately Make A Significant Difference

6 thoughts on “Rick Sammon’s Creative Visualization for Photographers: Composition, exposure, lighting, learning, experimenting, setting goals, motivation and more

  1. .edu .edu says:

    I was expecting from this book I think it s full of good intentions, but too often it just reach to the very obvious, not even like for Dummies books, without giving any useful information Let me give a couple of examples from the book About how getting images that have impact with contrastContrast can draw out attention to a scene and to a photograph Contrast is also important in other areas of creativity In music blah, blah blah In cooking blah, blah, blah.That s all it says abou

  2. N N says:

    Summary This book is one part personal memoir, one part well known ideas on creativity and composition that can be had pretty much anywhere for free and in better forms, and one part material for absolute beginners Also, it is twice the price of most any other photography guidebook, and not in regular Kindle form bur rather like a pdf, which makes it a little odd to use Unless you really want to hear the author talk about himself and his own work, and don t mind paying a premium for the

  3. Scorpiorose Scorpiorose says:

    Firstly, I want to say I am a fan of Rick Sammon s work I recently bought this book and it sat on my shelf for several weeks I just hadn t gotten around to reading any of it yet I picked it up about a week ago and started in on page one and I was hooked He has a clear, concise way of writing that makes it easy to read I feel like he is in the room talking to me and helping nudge me along in my photography skills Secondly, he uses quotes throughout the book that help encapsulate what he is tryin

  4. T Johnston T Johnston says:

    Great book by a wonderful photographer and teacher One day I may be able to afford a seminar with Rick, but with kids in college, this is not that time However, I can still access his teaching through this book and his KelbyOne classes Highly recommended once you realize gear is not going to help your photography and want to improve the photographer.

  5. Jay Grammond Jay Grammond says:

    Rick is a master at sharing his fine tuned experience and knowledge with others in a way that is easy to digest I especially liked the first chapter on The Four Levels of Learning Starting the book with this topic helps the reader assess where they are at and gives us things to think about in terms of where we would place ourselves currently, and where we would like to be This book is so well laid out and organized Rick carefully explains the topic and then refers back to it at the end of the book to illus

  6. Thomas Baker Thomas Baker says:

    I ve read several books by Mr Sammon, but this one might be my favorite The way Rick breaks down how the way the image was created, how little changes to how you see a scene can have a major impact on the final outcome of the photo and how to process the images to really maximize the creative impact makes this book a must purchase for anyone looking to take their photography to the next level I can honestly say that after reading Mr Sammon s book, I was inspired to get back out in the field and shoot I can thin

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