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Rhoton's Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches Excellent Sehr gutes und umfangreiches Buch f r Fortgeschrittenen Kollegen in der Neuroanatomie und Neurochirurgie Es ist wirklich schwer geschrieben aber nach Wiederholung macht Spa I do not wish to address the content of the book It is unquestionably a bible for every neurosurgeon Instead, I would like to address the printing quality When I first opened the book and looked at the pictures I thought I should return it All the pictures look faded and low quality One can count the pixels and ink points in comparison to the older version I compared the book with another, belonging to a friend, and I confirmed again the poor printing quality I can only wonder if they even tried to provide a good product The pictures should be sharper and colorful We are not talking about a cheap book Have some respect for the work of Prof Rhoton. Un libro bellissimo Le immagini sono di una bellezza unica Straconsigliato, vale tutti i soldi che costa per chi ha ambizioni nch. excellent book, no substitute for neuroanatomy, nice illustrations Perfect book for understanding surgical anatomy of brain. Great book at a great THE DEFINING WORK IN NEUROSURGERY, REISSUED FOR A NEW GENERATION OF TECHNICAL EXCELLENCECranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches is the master work of the legendary neurosurgeon Albert L Rhoton, Jr a distillation ofyears of work to improve safety, accuracy, and gentleness in the medical specialty the author helped shape Newly reissued and featuring thanfull color illustrations, this definitive text on the microsurgical anatomy of the brain remains an essential tool for the education and enrichment of neurosurgeons at any career stage It fulfils its author s hopes to make, in his words, the delicate, fateful, and awesome procedures of neurosurgery gentle, accurate, and safe Across three sections, Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches details the safest approaches to brain surgery, including Micro operative techniques and instrument selection Microsurgical anatomy and approaches to the supratentorial area and anterior cranial base, including chapters on aneurysms, the lateral and third ventricles, cavernous sinus and sella Anatomy and approaches to the posterior cranial fossa and posterior cranial base, including chapters on the fourth ventricle, tentorial incisura, foramen magnum, temporal bone, and jugular foramen Supra and infratentorial areas, including chapters on the cerebrum and cerebellum and their arteries and veins The Rhoton Collection has always been a go to review for my education in neuroanatomy I have long heard of the Rhoton Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches which had been out of print since before I was in college Never having laid eyes on a non bootlegged copy, I was incredibly excited to hear about the re issue of this book from Neurosurgery I finally made the decision to cough up the 350 to buy it and decided to purchase through since the Oxford website claimed a suspension in shipments due to COVID.The cover is beautiful, no dust jacket, high quality That s where the quality ends The book is a literal re issue with no updates, not even a new foreword The images throughout the book appear as if they were literally xeroxed from the original publication Most of the images are grainy and minimally pixelated to the point of being unable to distinguish the labeled structure in some instances.I completely understand that these images were taken in the early 2000 s in Dr Rhoton s lab with the photography equipment that was available at the time However, this is not a neurosurgical atlas that you will easily learn from visually The written content is invaluable of course, but it is still disappointing to find that there was no effort to honor Dr Rhoton s legacy by applying year 2020 technology to the production and printing of the book A true honor to his legacy would be a collaboration which would take the high definition images of the actual Rhoton collection and combine that as an update Simply to reissue the book for 350 with only a new cover is purely greed.

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