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React Native in Action_p1 Description Using React Native, Developers Can Build Performant Cross Platform Native Apps Much Easier Than Ever Before, All With A Single Programming Language JavaScript React Native In Action Gives IOS, Android, And Web Developers The Knowledge And Confidence To Begin Building High Quality IOS And Android Apps Using The React Native Framework By The End, Readers Will Know How To Build High Quality, Cross Platform Mobile Apps With React Native Key Features Install And Run React Native Implement React Native Components And APIs Request And Send Data Over The Network Store And Retrieve Data Locally Test React Native Code Audience This Book Is For Beginner To Intermediate Web, JavaScript, Or IOS Swift Objective C Developers

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  1. Joe Joe says:

    Coming from React background, I was looking for a book that will help me transition to React Native with ease I wanted to implement a simple react native app for tracking cryptocurrencies Before I picked up the book, I wanted answers to the following questions 1 What s the developer experience like2 How long will t

  2. Spencer Carli Spencer Carli says:

    Not only has Nader been a fantastic resource to the React Native community through podcasts, tutorials, and workshops but now he s put together an incredible resource to get running with React Native and truly understand what you re doing.He presents the variety of items necessary to build a React Native application

  3. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Despite all the good ratings I have been struggling with this book since page 1 till Chapter 4.The source code does not work out of the box, there is always a missing import or an export You will face a number of error messages that you will have to figure out yourself This is somehow useful and gives you experience

  4. J.C. J.C. says:

    Even as a React engineer, getting into React Native can feel like a daunting task It s not that the two libraries themselves are that different, but the tooling and platforms around them can create a steep learning curve And as with a lot of stuff in the JavaScript world, things move fast and you often find conflictin

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