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Python 3 Object Oriented Programming (English Edition) eBook: Dusty Phillips: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle The Book Begins With The Very Foundations Of OOP And Then Uses Practical Examples To Show How To Correctly Implement Object Oriented Programming In Python Many Examples Are Taken From Real World Projects The Book Focuses On High Level Design As Well As The Gritty Details Of The Python Syntax The Provided Exercises Inspire The Reader To Think About His Or Her Own Code, Rather Than Providing Solved Problems If You Re New To Object Oriented Programming Techniques, Or If You Have Basic Python Skills And Wish To Learn In Depth How And When To Correctly Apply Object Oriented Programming In Python, This Is The Book For You If You Are An Object Oriented Programmer For Other Languages, You Too Will Find This Book A Useful Introduction To Python, As It Uses Terminology You Are Already Familiar With Python Programmers Seeking A Leg Up In The New World Of Python Will Also Find The Book Beneficial, And You Need Not Necessarily Know Python Dusty Phillips Is A Canadian Freelance Software Developer, Teacher, Martial Artist, And Open Source Aficionado He Is Closely Affiliated With The Arch Linux Community And Other Open Source Projects He Maintains The Arch Linux Storefronts And Has Compiled The Arch Linux Handbook Dusty Holds A Master S Degree In Computer Science, With Specialization In Human Computer Interaction He Currently Has Six Different Python Interpreters Installed On His Computer Hi all,I am just under half way through the book and I must say that so far this is the best resource that I ve found to teach object oriented python programming The author explains absolute imports vs relative imports as well as discussing the necessary folder file structure required of OOP projects.I would recommend this book to those wanting to learn the theory of OOP The author does a good job of explaining the OOP theory and how it differs from other programming paradigms aggregation, composition as well as when to and not to use OOP.Although this book is meant for Python 3.X I ve been using 2.7.X because that s what is installed at my work There are a few nuances between the Classic classes New classes I won t go into the differences here but that just knowing that there is a difference between the two should put the reader on the right track to solving any issues that arise.Feel free to comment on this review with questions regarding the differences between the New Old Style Python classes. This book is great if you would like to learn about Python and OOP, which I do This is great for beginner intermediate level programmers, but may be slightly lacking if you have a firm grasp on OOP design patterns, although this will definitely help an expert grapple Python for the first time.If you understand the material quickly, feel free to skip the Case Study at the end of every chapter As with any programming book, you will be wasting your time if you don t put it to practice. Python is a fairly easy language to pick up, but if you re coming from other OO languages in particular C , PHP or Java , and have a pretty strong background with objects, you may find that this book is right at your comfort level.First, there is a nice little intro chapter that should be called just enough UML The author gives you a most sensible fly by that is useful for those who aren t partial to having to generate CYA documentation in large companies Use case fundamentals are related to UML class diagrams and then into sequence diagrams exactly how I ve always done things If you have always thought Rational Rose was a bit of an overkill, but you like taking a marker to an art pad or a white board instead for designing software, you ll like this.Second, you are treated to a brisk walk through of Python, and the author is quick to point out how it differs from other OO environments, gives a nice explanation of the parts where Python philosophy might contradict what you ve been taught with the other languages and quickly introduces you to the niceties of Python that you aren t accustomed to.Finally, I found this book answered questions that others didn t You ll see that the author is almost reading your mind in some places that is, if again, you ve been doing OO for a while with other languages If you are into design patterns, so much the better.I found this book to be a quick study, without muddying up the water with extraneous detail that isn t necessary I would not likely recommend this book to someone who is just getting started with software development for the first time ever, but if you are a somewhat experienced hacker who understands OO and values the importance of mixing in just enough design with your coding before, during and after that is , this book may definitely be for you. Learning a whole lot with this book Gives a lot of practical advice on when and how to use different Python features There are no screenshots, so I had no issues reading or sometimes listening on the Kindle Starts from explaining the basics of Object Oriented concepts and gives multiple examples on how to implement Goes into writing exceptions, using data structures appropriately, and writing basic web tools I was actually surprised that you can build web applications without a big framework like Django You can essentially roll your own with your knowledge of Python Explains everything well Good for anyone with some basic programming experience My experience is Powershell, Bash, PHP, and a little.NET, so I felt very comfortable with the material I had read Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner before tackling this one Looking forward to implementing the concepts This will become a good reference. I am still in the middle of reading it and I can say that I truly value this book I bought the Kindle version and was able to download the examples code on my laptop, which helps to overcome Kindle s small size limitations I already applied some of the tips of this book to my professional work and am looking truly forward to the 2 chapters on Design Patterns in Python.Bruce Eckel wrote a free online book in 1999, but that book is outdated and unfinished.Personally, for the people who like both Python 3 AND programming thinking in OOP, I can highly recommend this bookBy the Kindle version It will save you 30 plus no taxes.I use Python for software test automation in my day to day job.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Python 3 Object Oriented Programming (English Edition) eBook: Dusty Phillips: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle book, this is one of the most wanted Dusty Phillips author readers around the world.

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