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    If you want to learn how to use Aspen Plus and Aspen Dynamics you need this book.It has everythyng you ll need to get start.Congratulations to the author.I m expecting third edition ASAP

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    Amazing Book, you will not need any teacher, this book is sufficient.It will teach you from Zero, step by step in simple and easy way Alternate ways of doing things are also mentioned.A Very nice book for beginners of ASPEN Hope You will too enjoy this book.

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    Need software to learn

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    There is nothing wrong with this product.

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    nice book

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    V good

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    Process Simulation and Control Using Aspen really a good guide to learn Aspen up to mark ,Please ask the author to update the book with latest updates of respective software.

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Process Simulation And Control Using Aspen (TM): Second Edition Solving the model structure with a large equation set becomes a challenging task due to the involvement of several complex processes in an industrial plant To overcome these challenges, various process flow sheet simulators are used This book, now in its second edition, continues to discuss the simulation, optimisation, dynamics and closed loop control of a wide variety of chemical processes using the most popular commercial flow sheet simulator ASPEN TM A large variety of chemical units including flash drum, continuous stirred tank reactor, plug flow reactor, petroleum refining column, heat exchanger, absorption tower, reactive distillation, distillation train, and monomer production unit are thoroughly explained The book acquaints the students with the simulation of large chemical plants with several single process units With the addition of the new sections, additional information and plenty of illustrations and exercises, this text should prove extremely useful for the students Designed for the students of chemical engineering at the senior undergraduate and postgraduate level, this book will also be helpful to research scientists and practising engineers as a handy guide to simulation of chemical processes NEW TO THIS EDITION Sectionon Stepwise Aspen Plus Simulation of Flash Drums is thoroughly updated ChapterSectionon Aspen Plus Simulation of the Binary Distillation Columns is updated, a new section on Simulation of a Reactive Distillation Column is added Section, and a new topic on Column Sizing is introduced ChapterA new section on Aspen Simulation of a Petlyuk Column with Streams Recycling is included Chapter