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Precision Long Range Shooting And Hunting: Vol. 1: Getting started, caliber and equipment choices I would recommend this book to people that are looking to get into shooting It is packed full with information about all that is shooting From rifles and ammunition to binoculars and weather meters Its definitely a useful tool to help the shooter understand and choose what products to purchase and how to use them It is a ton of information but it is also one of the most thorough books I have seen It will definitely help the new shooters with understanding, choosing, and using their equipmentDaman Pinson, Advanced Long Range Reloading Shooting TechniquesA truly comprehensive guide for anyone looking to get into long range shooting sportsPete Myers, Precision MarksmanshipHQJon and his team have put an amazing amount of knowledge into this book without getting too technically advanced for new shooters If you have been searching for a foothold of knowledge to begin this hobby, or just wanting to step up your game, then look no furtherNate Demiter, Long Range Shooters and Precision Marksman groupA great read for not only the person wanting to venture into long range shooting but especially for the person who just wants to get into shooting from scratch Well written I wish I would have had this bookyears ago when I got into shooting It would have saved me a lot of hassle and greatly increased my learning curve The book touches on everything you want to know and many other things you didnt know you wanted to know A very welcome addition to my LibraryRodney Downs, Marksman Challenge, Match DirectorI liked how Precision long range shooting and hunting covered everything from picking a rifle, to optic, then tospecifics like barrels, hand loads, MOA vs MILS, I felt the book did a great job at touching on everything to make a new shooter think We need the next generation of hunter long range shooters to be well educated, I think this book did just that This book has a wealth of good information, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into the sport Abe Friesen, Savage Stealth Precision Rifle GroupAs an experienced shooter and competitor, along with being an instructor, I find a lot of the information in this book valuable to those looking to get into the long range disciplines Although this book does not cover every topic in depth, what it does do is give the reader an excellent foundation to continue their research on the best way to pursue their long range interests Reading this book will put interested beginners on the right path to knowing which questions to ask This should be on the bookshelf of every beginning long range shooterMike Rogan, KM Precision Rifle TrainingIts wonderful to find information on long range shooting that wasnt aimed over my head Being as Im new to shooting, and never able to find enough time at the range I really think this course will help to establish a foundation that I can build some solid knowledge upon And I think that it will actually help to make it easier to absorb and retain that knowledgeefficiently Im rapidly approaching the geezer phase of life so learning and retaining Info isnt very easy at this stage So I loved the way the material was presented to make itunderstandable Ron Long, Ruger Precision Rifle ForumPrecision Long Range Shooting and Hunting Vol is an absolute must for any long range shooter It covers it all, from basic requirements and definitions to arriving at complex shooting solutions for long range targets Its written in a way that will peak the interest of the most inexperienced, as well as the experts A valuable addition to any long range shooters library Jason PawPaw Ray, Long rangelearning and perfecting the artThanks for reading our book, we worked hard for a few years to bring you what we hope is a punchy, but comprehensive resource you can rely on for years as you enjoy your sport We have setup a newsletter you can join to get access to a ton of extra content we couldnt add to the books as theres a limit to the available space Get early access and unique reader only sneak peaks into new products and even free access to beta versions In addition, we like to offer freebies, specials, guest posts, manufacturer deals and other benefits to our readers this wayso dont miss out visit the site to sign up today Visit this page on our site teachmeinteractive lrs to sign up

About the Author: Jon Gillespie Brown

The TeachMe Interactive Team.It takes a whole team of dedicated individuals to produce a TeachMe Interactive book or course There are often several Authors and domain experts and then we always have a cohort of reviewers that add to and check the content to make it the best it can be for that specific topic.The many editors for our shooting and hunting products include Darrell Holland Owner, Hollands Long Range Shooting School , Paul McHugh Outdoors writer, novelist and author of the thriller, The Blind Pool and over 20 other shooting and hunting experts from the fields of tactical, military and hunting communities.The CEO, Mr Gillespie Brown has been shooting, hunting and fishing since he was a young man He started long range shooting in the Army cadets as shooting team Captain where he achieved marksman status on a whole range of weapons and won many competitive matches Mr Gillespie Brown is the author of numerous books, DVDs and online courses covering learning to shoot, fly aircraft, navigate yachts, fly fish andHe enjoys enabling people to learn new skills quickly and easily.Learnhere Books and courses

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