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Precision Long Range Shooting And Hunting: Choosing and using a Long Range Rifle Scope (Volume 3) Precision Long Range Shooting And Hunting is a comprehensive multi volume series focused on helping you become a proficient long range hunter or target shooter This book answers an important question in Long Range shooting what scope to purchase Your success in long range shooting will be driven by many factors, and one of the most important is the scope, plus the quality of the scope s rings base, and on how well it s mounted on the rifle This book seeks to help you avoid expensive mistakes and fully educate on how scopes work and which will be best for own application It will also show you a few ways to find the best scope based on budget and other factors you may not have considered ensuring that this expensive purchase is the right one for youMore details atSUMMARYUse our comprehensive book on rifle scopes, and the associated optics, for Long Range Shooting to find your ideal scope for each of your applications tactical, hunting or just having fun at the range Save time, money and ensure you find the right optic without needing to search through thes of choices we narrow it all down in a fast and easy set of choices based on your use case or budget Find the ideal scope for your needs from overbrand model choices with full details on the key features to consider Then learn how to install, zero and use it for long range shooting or huntingWe will answer these questions in depthWhat is long range shooting and what scope is required to hit steel atyards Advice on buying a scope including detailed discussion on the options and accessories What is the best scope for my budget What is the best scope for hunting, competition, benchrest or fun How to set up and use the scope for long range Explanation and use of MOA and MILs MRAD systems Explanation of differing reticle designs A complete detailed set of buyers guides, with scope choices, based on your mission and budget How to mount, setup, zero and use the scope one you have bought one How to use the reticle to adjust for windage and to range targets andYou will learnThis course is broken down into four major sections, withs of images and illustrations covering all the major areas on the scopes for long range precision shooting Understanding the scope How to buy the right scope for you Setting up and using your scope Cleaning and maintaining your scope Take away these key learningsGood glass does make a difference across scopes, rangefinders and binocular Choosing and testing a scope with great mechanical precision is key The choice of reticle can be a big factor in getting the right scope Choosing the right scope for your mission is important for your success LEARN INMINUTE CHUNKS WHEN WHERE YOU WANTWe have broken down every area into bite sized chunks withs of diagrams, illustrations, and photos and made them easy to absorb quickly and in small time increments now you can learn any time and anywhere where you have a few minutes to pick upabout long range shootingMore details at

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