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Politics Is for Power: How to Move Beyond Political Hobbyism, Take Action, and Make Real Change A Brilliant Condemnation Of Political Hobbyism Treating Politics Like Entertainment And A Call To Arms For Well Meaning, Well Informed Citizens Who Consume Political News, But Do Not Take Political ActionWho Is To Blame For Our Broken Politics The Uncomfortable Answer To This Question Starts With Ordinary Citizens With Good Intentions We Vote Sometimes And Occasionally Sign A Petition Or Attend A Rally But We Mainly Engage By Consuming Politics As If It S A Sport Or A Hobby We Soak In Daily Political Gossip And Eat Up Statistics About Who S Up And Who S Down We Tweet And Post And Share We Crave Outrage The Hours We Spend On Politics Are Used Mainly As Pastime Instead, We Should Be Spending The Same Number Of Hours Building Political Organizations, Implementing A Long Term Vision For Our City Or Town, And Getting To Know Our Neighbors, Whose Votes Will Be Needed For Solving Hard Problems We Could Be Accumulating Power So That When There Are Opportunities To Make A Difference To Lobby, To Advocate, To Mobilize We Will Be Ready But Most Of Us Who Are Spending Time On Politics Today Are Focused Inward, Choosing Roles And Activities Designed For Our Short Term Pleasure We Are Repelled By The Slow And Steady Activities That Characterize Service To The Common Good In Politics Is For Power, Pioneering And Brilliant Data Analyst Eitan Hersh Shows Us A Way Toward Effective Political Participation Aided By Political Theory, History, Cutting Edge Social Science, As Well As Remarkable Stories Of Ordinary Citizens Who Got Off Their Couches And Took Political Power Seriously, This Book Shows Us How To Channel Our Energy Away From Political Hobbyism And Toward Empowering Our Values

10 thoughts on “Politics Is for Power: How to Move Beyond Political Hobbyism, Take Action, and Make Real Change

  1. Melora Melora says:

    I got the recommendation for this one from a politics podcast, and, if you spend a lot of time listening to politics podcasts, you are probably the target audience for this book Because you might be a hobbyist Hersh explains the difference between the people who spend lots of time actually doing pol

  2. Mehrsa Mehrsa says:

    This is a very important book if not an obvious point You have to play politics to win And that doesn t mean playing dirty It means organizing on the ground at the school board, local party chapter, or anywhere where actual humans interact I don t think there is anything new or revolutionary in here,

  3. Micah Micah says:

    I inhaled this book in one sitting, literally, while waiting to renew my license at the DMV Tufts political science professor Eitan Hersh precisely captures the difference between activism and organizing, though his term for the former is political hobbyism Through four well told stories of real organ

  4. Justus Justus says:

    Hersh s book starts out on fairly uncontroversial ground before sliding into substantiallycontroversial arguments and while much of it is vaguely common sense I think thecontroversial bits open up some interesting avenues of consideration.First the uncontroversial parts most people who follow the polit

  5. Susan Susan says:

    This is a spot on description of how people, particularly white educated liberals, tend to engage in politics, and how it doesn t really result in achieving their professed political agenda The suggestions for change are concrete, personal, and motivating, if limited in scope, experience and self awaren

  6. Lada Lada says:

    The historical background and analysis of present state are riveting The suggestions for turning party associations to volunteer or community organizations seems far fetched.

  7. Chris Rhodenbaugh Chris Rhodenbaugh says:

    One of the best political books I ve read and a text I will be referencing for many years to come The Trump Administration has pushed my optimism to the brink and this book just gave me a guide to rediscovering it Thank you to the author and all those writing their own stories in their communities

  8. Jake Jake says:

    This book brought a mirror up to me and forced me to acknowledge that I am the person this book is written for and about Sure, I ve canvassed plenty of times and I ve dabbled in some campaigns in person and I took some solace knowing that I m not the worst of the worst on the political hobbyism spectrum I

  9. KP KP says:

    Overall, I think this book is excellent for kicking folks like me in the trousers and telling them to get off their ass and actually DO politics rather than just TALK about politics I ve been slowly piecing together the ways I want to get involved in politics at a local level, and this book cemented some pa

  10. Bill West Bill West says:

    5 stars for cluing me into some ways I m being a total idiot phony with respect to civic engagement.

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