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Photographer's Guide to Lightroom 5: Library Module (English Edition) The Ultimate Guide To The Library Module Of Adobe S Lightroom Software Explained In Detail With All Of The Useful Tips And Suggestions Needed To Boost Your Workflow To The Next LevelThis Book, Which Is The First Installation In A Complete Guide To Lightroom , Details The Inner Workings Of Everything In The Library Module Including, But Not Limited To CatalogsBasic And Advanced SettingsImporting ExportingBasic And Advanced KeywordingWorkflow MethodsTethered CapturePresets And Much Much Since Lightroom Is Relatively Inexpensive Compared To Other Photo Editing Software I Believe That The Cost Of A Guidebook Should Reflect That, Which Is Why This Book Has A Low Priced EBook OptionAs A Working Editorial And Commercial Photographer I Ve Used Lightroom Every Day For The Past Years And The Goal Of This Series Of Books Is To Spread My Knowledge Of The Software Around And Boost Your Skills To The Next Level No Matter If You Are An Amateur Or ProfessionalThe Other Books In The Series Are Photographer S Guide To Lightroom Develop Module And Photographer S Guide To Lightroom Everything ElsePlease Note That If You Do Purchase The Printed Book, You Will Be Able To Download A Copy Of The EBook For Free

5 thoughts on “Photographer's Guide to Lightroom 5: Library Module (English Edition)

  1. K. Taylor K. Taylor says:

    First off, a disclaimer I ve worked with Tim Martin professionally, by which I mean I ve stood awkwardly beside him as he created images that shouldn t be possible with a simple piece of electronic equipment If you ve ever opened a magazine and seen a photo that made you want to quit your job, sell your children and move to China you re probably fa

  2. GW GW says:

    I just subscribed to Adobe s CC for Photoshop and Lightroom was included in the membership Pretty cool program, but I didn t have a clue as to how to start Got this book on my Kindle Really helped and continues to be a good reference.

  3. academics20193.se Customer academics20193.se Customer says:

    One of the things that sets Lightroom apart from other programs is the Library Module and the Digital Asset Management possibilities within it Since I started using Lightroom, I knew that it was possible to organize images into collections, reorganize folder structures, add captions and basic metadata, but what I didn t know is that Lightroom is capable of so much Us

  4. James E. Mcdonald James E. Mcdonald says:

    Am really enjoying this Kindle book Have it loaded on one side of the screen and Lightroom 5 on the other Finished importing 765 photos with keywords today, all from 2013have photos dating back 10 years to go This has really helped me to utilize this new to me software Also purchased the development book, but have not explored it as of yetfirst things first.

  5. Rob Rob says:

    First a disclaimer I do not have Lightroom yet so I can t attest to the accuracy of the information in the book I have been using Photoshop Elements for my organizer and various RAW processors Canon DPP, RawTherapee, Adobe Camera Raw I had been fairly content with this setup PS Elements has a decent organizer until I acquired some development plug ins and discovered that Photoshop Elemen

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