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English Spanish Version In This Beloved Tale, Wendy, Michael, And John Join Peter Pan On An Exciting Journey To Neverland Readers Will Be Entranced By The Pirates, Mermaids, Fairies, And Other Fantastic Adventures They Encounter Between The Pages Of The Brighter Child R Keepsake Stories Books Are The Classic Tales Of Magic, Imagination, And Inspiration That Will Delight Children Again And Again From The Hard Working Red Hen To The Foolish Gingerbread Man, These Stories Will Capture Children S Interest And Spark Their Imagination Page After Page, Inspiring A Lifelong Love Of Literature And Reading Each Book Includes Pages Of Fresh, Captivating Illustrations, And Measures X Bilingual Peter Pan (English-Spanish Keepsake Stories) (English and Spanish Edition)

About the Author: Carol Ottolenghi

Carol Ottolenghi has written nonfiction and fiction books for adults and children for almost 20 years In 1996, she won the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators Magazine Merit Honor Award One of her stories was selected for Best of the Children s Market by the Institute of Children s Literature She currently lives in Ohio.

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