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  • Painting: Box Set: Acrylic Painting and Oil Painting Guide for Beginners (English Edition)
  • Judith Ann Miller
  • Ingl├ęs
  • 06 February 2019

5 thoughts on “ Painting: Box Set: Acrylic Painting and Oil Painting Guide for Beginners (English Edition)

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    Painting has always been my hobby since i was in high school My interest in doing this started when there was an assignment during our art class where we have to paint something of our interest I always loved nature then so I decided to pick a subject of a sunset over a mountain and sea I decided to use an oil paint back then because of its vibrance in color That was the first time I used a paint brush and a canvas but the result did surprised me Least to say that i got a very good grade for my assignment that time because the painting turned out quite good than i expected And I m guessing that the oil paint i used got a lot do with it So, since then i ve been using oil paints whenever i got time to paint, even until now But I want to imrove on my painting so I decided to read some books about oil painting to learn some tips and techniques I found this book and upon reading it, I learned some useful tips and tricks in oil painting It s really helpful because the book teaches you the basic priciples and techniques Very comprehensive and a really good book for beginners who wants to start on oil painting Good book for its price I highly recommend it.

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    I am satisfied with my purchase, I really liked this book What caught my attention at first was that the author began to explain as if the reader were a beginner That is very important because most of the time, in such guides there is not an intermediate level for newbies feel comfortable working Another thing that I really liked was that the guide is quite technical, which facilitates understanding.Clear and concise instructions I ve never touched an acrylic, have never used a brush but I draw since I can remember and this book beyond the technique has managed to surprise and enthuse to begin painting.Could highlight hundreds of other things that really caught my attention, as the huge amount of historical data that enriches the book An incredible touch But this book deserves to be read I invite you to download it I m very happy and satisfied I bought it.

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    Not too long ago, I had a painting experience for first time in very long time with my sister and my friends The painting event was called paint nite The cost of event was 35 per a person It was kinda pricey but we had our fun My friends and I decided to have fun by having another paint night, but this time we going to do it our self.I was the worst of my friends and my sister This time it will be different.I learned a lot from this book I highly recommend this book for people who wants to learn how to paint.

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    I draw a lot than I paint because I m terrible at painting This book tells you thing from how to draw structures to information about oil painting Which is what I wanted to learn about, oil painting The oil painting chapter teaches you how to draw a simple tree, which was hard enough for me Anyway I recommend this book.

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    Very few illustrations and the ones there are do not illustrate how to use technique There is information but I am a novice and when I am reading about how to draw or paint, illustrations on techniques are helpful when you don t have an instructor When reading the section on oil painting don t blink or you ll miss it.

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