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Outlander Kitchen: To the New World and Back Again: The Second Official Outlander Companion Cookbook The Author Of The Fan Favorite Outlander Kitchen Returns With Than New Easy To Prepare Recipes In This Official Cookbook Inspired By Diane Gabaldon S Beloved Outlander Novels And The Hit Starz Original Series If You Thought Scottish Cuisine Was All Porridge And Haggis Washed Down With A Good Swally Of Whiskey, Outlander Kitchen S Here To Prove You Wrong Entertainment Weekly From Jenny Fraser S First Delighted Taste Of Light And Fluffy Flapjacks From Written In My Own Heart S Blood, To A Mouthwatering Ragout Of Beef With Oysters At The Beefsteak In The Scottish Prisoner, Or A Batch Of Quick Fermented Cabbage Inspired By Minnie Rennie In A Fugitive Green, This Cookbook Brings The World Of Diana Gabaldon S Beloved Literary Universe To Life With Than Delicious, Easy To Follow Recipes Accompanied By Full Color PhotosDrawing Inspiration From The Latest Novels In The Outlander Series, Which Relocates The Series To The American Colonies, As Well As The Lord John Books And The Stories In Seven Stones To Stand And Fall,Theresa Carle Sanders Delivers An Entertaining And Mouthwatering Mix Of Authentic Historical Recipes, Twenty First Century Interpretations Of Traditional Foods, And Character Inspired Dishes Each Recipe Is Preceded By The Passage That First Introduced Or Inspired It, Including Breakfast Mrs Figg S Flapjacks Simon Fraser S Grits With HoneySoups Leek And Potato Soup With Harry Quarry Annie S Chicken Noodle Soup Appetizers Cheesy Savouries Sardines On Toast For Lady JoffreyMains Benedicta S Steak And Mushroom Pie The Cheerful Chicken Tavern S Poulet Au Miel Roast Pork Tenderloin With Cider Sauce Claire S Beans And Sass Sides Tobias Quinn S Colcannon Fried Plantains Cornbread And Salt Pork Stuffing Breads Lord John S Yorkshire Pudding Cornbread Scones With Preserved LemonSweets Mistress Abernathy S Apple Pandowdy Blancmange En Paris Almond Biscuits

10 thoughts on “Outlander Kitchen: To the New World and Back Again: The Second Official Outlander Companion Cookbook

  1. Marie L. Marie L. says:

    I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review First and foremost let me start by saying that this book is amazing I loved the first Outlander Kitchen book and this one is just as good If you don t own the first book, what are you waiting for Not only is Theresa a great chef, but she s also a great writer From Pender Island, British Columb

  2. Alisa (worldswithinpages) Alisa (worldswithinpages) says:

    As a huge fan of Outlander, being able to dive into the world a little bit deeper through exploring recipes that may be made in the Fraser kitchen made my heart swell So many of the included recipes are comfort foods, which is perfect for the quarantine blues I have bookmarked quite a few of the recipes I want to try out and I am really looking forward to seei

  3. Bridget Healy Bridget Healy says:

    This cookbook is as much fun to read as it is a source of recipes Will I make everything No Did I thoroughly enjoy reading every single recipe Yes She has a way of putting together flavors and explaining techniques that are really easy to follow Absolutely recommend

  4. Out of the Bex Out of the Bex says:

    A fantastic gift for fans of the Outlander series, this kitchen cookbook offers unique and interesting recipes Most of which are accompanied by a historical annotation telling the background of a particular food as well as an excerpt from books within the franchise Among the usual cookbook categories of Breakfast, Soups, Sweets, etc., Outlander Kitchen also incl

  5. Shannon Shannon says:

    I loved the first volume and anxiously waited for this one to come out It did not disappoint So many great recipes to try The descriptions and Outlander and beyond love the addition of the Lord John books are so fun to read I don t sit and read many cookbooks but the day this arrived I found myself sitting for hours perusing recipes and reading the stories that w

  6. Haley Haley says:

    Loved that there were so many adaptations for dairy free vegan recipes As a lifelong lactose intolerant person, I really appreciated this We don t always get the adaptations in cookbooks that gluten free people tend to get they should But throw a bone to those of us who can t do cream cheese too Loved that there were so many adaptations for dairy free vegan recipe

  7. Jeannette Aquino Jeannette Aquino says:

    Can you consider a cookbook as part of a reading challenge on Goodreads Oh, yes I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover Being an Outlander junkie, I was pleased to find many of the recipes inspired by the Lord John books Also, though I am not a vegan nor do I follow a gluten free, dairy free, or any popular diet, many of my friends do so I appreciated the adaptabl

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    I loved this as much as the first one There were vegan and vegetarian options this time, and while so much looks labor intensive I would try everything in a heartbeat.

  9. Barb Barb says:

    Another awesome cookbookI have both Outlander Kitchen cookbooks now and have tried many recipes The ones I have tried are family favourites I wouldn t make strawberry jam any other way And really enjoy the contextual embedding in the Gabaldon novels

  10. Phoebe (readandwright) Wright Phoebe (readandwright) Wright says:

    I love this cookbook I discovered Outlander recently and this has been a fun challenge during Quarantine 2020.

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