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Object Thinking (Microsoft Professional) I found it a great read and thought the author really had some great points and strategies to Object Oriented design and development He draws on a vast knowledge of smalltalk style programming which is unfamiliar to me because my background is with Microsoft technologies but now I use it alot with C and.NET I took off one star because he tends to reemphasize over and over the battle between the object and the structural camps in programming while I thought it was interesting and funny the first times he talked about it, around the tenth I was getting a little bored. Deeper and philosophical than most programming books References Plato often Worth reading once you have moved beyond mastery of syntax. This book provides a philosophical look at object oriented development by taking the perspective that everything is an object and that behavior is what is the focus of the object oriented Development evolution or agile methods are the way to find what the behavior is for the objects Having experience modeling and understanding the process of modeling, this book provided a good perspective on how to think about going into the process of modeling and understanding objects Taking this perspective and seeing everything in our world as an object helps to go from the unfamiliar to the object model I especially found the object principles quite useful as well and heuristics as the way to design from an experienced designer I recommend this book highly. There are n solutions to a single problem All of them right in solving the problem however only a few extend the existing system at a natural joint i.e where it is consistent with the original structure intent or theory of the developer Such changes lead to systems that are easy to take down and reassemble when you hit a dead end along the lines of the Lego Brick metaphor, if you find that a brick doesn t give you the shape you want, you just chuck the brick and plug in a different shape This in fact is the bulb moment behind the XP practice of Metaphor Identifying the right set of objects and the distribution of responsibilities among them to suimulate a real world scenario is the sign of a master object designer This book will not make you an artist but will give you some good pointers nonetheless The first few chapters help the reader understand between the culture difference between 2 camps of scientific logical method driven designers and heuristics driven artistic social designers Chapter 3 outlines the 4 fundamental tenets of object oriented thinking Chapters 4 n 5 throw some light on the terminology and subtle thinking differences Chapter 6,7,8,9 are the How to actionable chapters Chapter 10 is just bizarre disjointedThe book as a whole doesn t exhibit flow something feels off The book also doesn t promote lucid language frequenty throwing in important sounding words The book definitely could have been shorter to make a better impact I liked a bunch of ideas like Object Cubes an extension to the CRC Card as a thinking tool I don t think I ll be building any physical cubes , the 4 presuppositions of object thinking, All inheritance must be based on behavior extensions , the little Behind The Quotes sidebars , Object as a person metaphor Self evaluating rules, Event Dispatchers and the DataItem type as opposed to passive data are interesting That said it is a refreshing though opinionated change to read about the craft behind OOP 4 out of 5 stars. In OBJECT THINKING, Esteemed Object Technologist David West Contends That The Mindset Makes The Programmernot The Tools And Techniques Delving Into The History, Philosophy, And Even Politics Of Object Oriented Programming, West Reveals How The Best Programmers Rely On Analysis And Conceptualizationon Thinkingrather Than Formal Process And Methods Both Provocative And Pragmatic, This Book Gives Form To Whats Primarily Been An Oral Tradition Among The Fields Revolutionary Thinkersand It Illustrates Specific Object Behavior Practices That You Can Adopt For True Object Design And Superior Results Gain An In Depth Understanding Of Prerequisites And Principles Of Object Thinking Object Knowledge Implicit In EXtreme Programming XP And Agile Software Development Object Conceptualization And Modeling Metaphors, Vocabulary, And Design For Object Development Learn Viable Techniques For Decomposing Complex Domains In Terms Of Objects Identifying Object Relationships, Interactions, And Constraints Relating Object Behavior To Internal Structure And Implementation Design Incorporating Object Thinking Into XP And Agile Practice

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Object Thinking (Microsoft Professional) book, this is one of the most wanted David West author readers around the world.

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