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NoSQL Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence NoSQL est despuntando mucho ltimamente, pero hay todo un batiburrillo de t rminos que aprender y a veces es dif cil separar el grano de la paja Este libro ayuda a tener una visi n general de los distintos enfoques NoSQL que hay actualmente bases de datos orientadas a documentos, clave valor, columnares y grafos y as poder ver cu ndo conviene m s una opci n u otra, o cu ndo es incluso mejor idea seguir usando las bases de datos relacionales de toda la vida.Me gusta especialmente el estilo de escritura que suele usar Fowler, que es muy claro a la vez que muy respetuoso con la inteligencia de sus lectores. The Need To Handle Increasingly Larger Data Volumes Is One Factor Driving The Adoption Of A New Class Of Nonrelational NoSQL Databases Advocates Of NoSQL Databases Claim They Can Be Used To Build Systems That Are Performant, Scale Better, And Are Easier To Program NoSQL Distilled Is A Concise But Thorough Introduction To This Rapidly Emerging Technology Pramod J Sadalage And Martin Fowler Explain How NoSQL Databases Work And The Ways That They May Be A Superior Alternative To A Traditional RDBMS The Authors Provide A Fast Paced Guide To The Concepts You Need To Know In Order To Evaluate Whether NoSQL Databases Are Right For Your Needs And, If So, Which Technologies You Should Explore Further The First Part Of The Book Concentrates On Core Concepts, Including Schemaless Data Models, Aggregates, New Distribution Models, The CAP Theorem, And Map Reduce In The Second Part, The Authors Explore Architectural And Design Issues Associated With Implementing NoSQL They Also Present Realistic Use Cases That Demonstrate NoSQL Databases At Work And Feature Representative Examples Using Riak, MongoDB, Cassandra, And Neoj In Addition, By Drawing On Pramod Sadalage S Pioneering Work, NoSQL Distilled Shows How To Implement Evolutionary Design With Schema Migration An Essential Technique For Applying NoSQL Databases The Book Concludes By Describing How NoSQL Is Ushering In A New Age Of Polyglot Persistence, Where Multiple Data Storage Worlds Coexist, And Architects Can Choose The Technology Best Optimized For Each Type Of Data Access Todo bien, tanto el producto como los plazos de entrega El nico pero es que las im genes no son en color. Perfecto para entender conceptos b sicos y desde alli meterse en mas detalles Se nota que los autores tienen experiencia en lo que describen Recomendable para gestores, arquitectos y desarrolladores. This book was a pleasant reading It offers a broad view over NoSQL databases and indeed over what databases to choose in different systems and business scenarios A must for entering into the NoSQL world and persistence of data in modern applications. This book is great for people that have heard bout NoSQL, but don t really know it all so well It s also great for those that have already used some NoSQL database but would like to better understand its principles and theories I think it is a must have for anyone wanting to learn about NoSQL databases.

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