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Reveals Low Wage America In All Its Tenacity, Anxiety, And Surprising Generosity A Land Of Big Boxes, Fast Food, And A Thousand Desperate Stratagems For SurvivalMillions Of Americans Work Full Time, Year Round, For Poverty Level Wages In , Barbara Ehrenreich Decided To Join Them She Was Inspired In Part By The Rhetoric Surrounding Welfare Reform, Which Promised That Any Job Equals A Better Life But How Can Anyone Survive, Let Alone Prosper, On An Hour To Find Out, Ehrenreich Moved From Florida To Maine To Minnesota, Taking The Cheapest Lodgings Available And Accepting Work As A Waitress, Hotel Maid, House Cleaner, Nursing Home Aide, And Wal Mart Salesperson She Soon Discovered That Even The Lowliest Occupations Require Exhausting Mental And Physical Efforts And One Job Is Not Enough You Need At Least Two If You Intend To Live IndoorsNickel And Dimed Reveals Low Wage America In All Its Tenacity, Anxiety, And Surprising Generosity A Land Of Big Boxes, Fast Food, And A Thousand Desperate Stratagems For Survival Instantly Acclaimed For Its Insight, Humor, And Passion, This Book Is Changing The Way America Perceives Its Working Poor Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America

About the Author: Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich is an American journalist and the bestselling author of sixteen previous books, including the bestsellers Nickel and Dimed and Bait and Switch A frequent contributor to Harpers and The Nation, she has also been a columnist at The New York Times and Time Magazine.http author barbar

10 thoughts on “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America

  1. Carrie Carrie says:

    Dear Barbara Ehrenreich, How do I resent thee Let me count the ways 1 You are a wealthy, highly educated person who went on a half assed, anthropological slumming vacation.2 When said vacation was over, you told your coworkers Surprise I m not a poor person after all I m going back now to my comfortable life and then you were surprised that those coworkers were mostly worried about the fact that they d have to work th

  2. Missy Missy says:

    warning, a nerve has been touched I have experience working with and researching programs that aid the poor and working poor I hated this book The only role it could play is as a weak talking piece for starting up serious discussion about the struggles and needs of the poor.Barbara Ehrenreich may have stepped outside her comfort zone and into the world of the working poor, but she did it with an educated background, with

  3. Cait Cait says:

    The two sentence summary of this book is PhD and respected writer decides to find out how the other two thirds live To this end she goes undercover as an unskilled laborer at three minimum wage jobs waitress, Wal mart employee and Merry Maid each in a different city, each for one month.Things I liked The premise Things I hated 1 Her shocked tone of discovery Newsflash Living on minimum wage is hard nigh on impossible Educat

  4. Laurie Anderson Laurie Anderson says:

    This book seriously pissed me off Normally I don t write reviews for books that I loathe, but I m making an exception for this one It has enjoyed tremendous popularity, and thus has misinformed a whole lot of people.In the late 1990s, the author I ve enjoyed some of her other books decided to explore the challenges of low wage American workers by pretending to live and work like one of them in three areas of the country She ga

  5. Nandi Crawford Nandi Crawford says:

    I m going to step on some toes here and I apologize if I do I AM one of the working poor that she talks about here and I DO believe in pulling myself up and making a better life for myself But what I want to know is this Unless you have been where I am, how can you comment How can you also call her a bleeding heart Is this a country for the haves only And the have nots just have not uhh uhh, I just don t understand We got an elec

  6. Ted Ted says:

    Okay, I suddenly got a Like on my non review of this book, so I m going to say a few words about it, which I ve thought off and on for a while.I ve seen very put downish reviews here on GR about the book, andso about the author.It s held that Ehrenreich was a fake, had no idea what the working poor face, was just trying to make a buck off them, the book totally discredited because she had money and could just walk away when she was

  7. Renee Renee says:

    Here s a down and dirty assessment of Nickel and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich First the positive Interesting premise writer decides to try to live on the wages that unskilled workers waitresses, home hotel cleaners, department store Walmart, for instance clerks earn to see if she can do it and see if she learns anything in the process She exposes some very unethical even illegal employer practices such as withholding a worker s first p

  8. Carmen Carmen says:

    Ehrenreich, a woman who has a Ph.D., goes undercover working low paying jobs to see if one can earn a living with such work in America.One can t.She tries to make ends meet on the following jobs waitressing, hotel housekeeping, Maid Service, nursing home attendant, and Wal Mart employee, often working two jobs at a time.This shocking expos reveals the horrific conditions that the working poor toil under Well, at least they re shocking to

  9. else fine else fine says:

    When this book came out, I was working in a busy bookstore in a fairly small town We had a stack of them at the counter, and I read bits on my breaks While I was glad to see a popular book addressing the problems of the working poor, I couldn t help but feel like she d taken a vacation in my life and then made a bunch of money writing a book about it, something she could only have achieved because she had already been in a position of privil

  10. Trevor Trevor says:

    Very quick explanation of the premise of this one a woman, who is a writer journalist, is talking to her publisher about what she wants to write about next and says, someone ought to write a book about how hard it is to get by on the minimum wage in America The publisher says, Okey dokey the book is set in the US so I m trying to give you a feeling of verisimilitude you ve hired High fives all around Before I started this book I really worried

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