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New York (From Above) In This Memorable Tour Above New York, Vibrant Photographs Capture The Unique Character Of New York City As Seen Through The Lens Of One Of Todays Top Aerial Photography Experts This Volume Presents An Unparalleled Portfolio Of Images Conveying The Architectural Details, Off The Beaten Track Neighborhoods, And Remarkable Energy That, Combined, Make New York Like No Other City In The World From Such Legendary Monuments As The Statue Of Liberty And The Empire State Building To The Bridges Spanning The Boroughs, This Volume Highlights World Famous Sites As Well As Hidden Corners Of The City I have several of these large heavy photo books,and since I spent 5 years working in New York,I was very excited when I got this book.However,my excitement and enthusiasm continued to decline the I worked my way through the book.My first disappointment was with the text,which I felt was totally lacking in any exciting descriptions or facts.Individually,the photos are technically very good,but I didn t find that they were stunning or particularly enchanting.As a matter of fact,many of them ,though they contained massive spreads of buildings,were overbearing rather than eye catching.With most photos,the comments were so brief,that it was hardly worth reading them,as they did not add to enhancing the photo.Whether or not my impression that these photos were taken by only a few flights over the city with the camera simply left running,then frames were selected from the cutting room ,is so or not that was the impression I got.There is so much to work with in a city with the history,culture and excitment that is everywhere in New York this book falls far short of capturing it.I worked in Lower Manhatten,and the window of my office looked down on City Hall Park.I expected to find a reminder of that in this book.When I didn t come across anthing like it,I checked the Index.It was listed on page 217.Returning to that page,all I found was text no photo whatsoever.I found most pictures simply had so much in them,that they didn t concentrate on anything in particular,and hence wern t very interesting.About the only thing that I ll remember from this book is that it had some very good shots of the top of the Chrysler Building,but those of the Statue of Liberty were lackluster I flew over New York many times and this book was of a reminder of that,and trying to pick out landmarks.There is so much that could have been covered ,but wasn t.Just to mention Harlem or Coney Island,for example.

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