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My World esta en ingles y yo queria en castellano This book accomplished what I hope it would, provide a detailed account of what was going through Peter s head leading up to and during his three historic world championship wins, and his involvement in the classics He describes his racing tactics, a little about his competition and team bosses His ghost writer did a great job making the stories interesting and easy to read Peter is a young, rich and very talented person He doesn t always use good judgement and that will be clear to you through some of his very frank and honest stories about some of his antics It is what it is Do not expect deep insights about the sport or his philosophy on life He is too in the middle of it to really know yet That will be the sequel book years after he retires, when he has matured. There s another curious paragraph later in the book when Sagan reinvents the world s geography by describing how, while relaxing at his beachside villa in Brazil during the 2016 Olympics, he watched as the sun sank into the Atlantic Brazil s Atlantic coast faces east, the sun sets in the west 10 10 for Geography Re invention Recommended. Very interesting stories about Peter Sagan s life with funny moments A cyclist who really enjoy what he does I recommend to read it Why so serious Is you like bicycles, watching the Tour de France and especially if you like Peter Sagan this is the book for you Admittedly I love all the above and especially a Sagan sprint for the win Repeatedly Peter mentions that professional cyclists are entertainers My World does not disappoint But not only is it entertaining to me it was very informative The insider s view from the riders perspective allows the reader to have a better understanding for the tactics, pacing and mindset of the men that ride not only because they love it but for their livelyhood Why so serious is one of Peter s catch phrases and even with the ego necessary to excel at the highest levels we see a Sagan who doesn t take himself too seriously Love the book, sorry to see it end and I highly recommend this book It s well written, entertaining and it gives us Peter Sagan unfiltered. There is no doubt Peter Sagan is an amazing athlete physically as well as mentally and the book s two covers graphically display the spirit that infuse all of us who have a passion for what we do whether it is cycling or anything else The jacket photo is as emotionally stimulating as the book cover photo itself is quizzically thoughtful And the mantra on the back cover prepares the reader for Sagan s refreshing philosophy in a world of brutally hard men and women Sagan, with John Deering, creates a read that captivates with race descriptions from within the peloton and life s lessons as taught by a positive, critical thinker.My World focuses almost exclusively on the period of Sagan s three years in the Rainbow Jersey of his World Championship tenure The reader learns of his passionate roots and of the sacrifices of his parents, friends, and colleagues who ultimately lead to his Team Peter concept The reader is treated to positive affirmations and respectful evaluations of all who have the good fortune to share even the shortest amount of time with him.The pro cycling arena is filled with super heroes but I dare say there are not many as self deprecating as Sagan as evidenced after a World Championship win I just felt a bit uncomfortable that folk were lining up to kiss my feet while there was important stuff going on in the world John Deering served Peter Sagan well by capturing the inner spirit of a passionate observer of life The book covers aspects of the pro cycling world that can only be revealed by one who has demonstrated the utmost respect for others and realizes his service to his fans Sagan, My world is a refreshingly light look through a narrow window of a complicated sport and into the life of a truly great athlete. This is pretty much what you would expect it to be, from Peter Sagan It s light, breezy, upbeat, and entertaining It s Sagan s public personality all the way through.Not that that s bad Sagan is a breath of fresh air in cycling besides being incredibly talented, skilled, and accomplished, he doesn t take himself too seriously He knows he s in the entertainment business, so he is there for the fans He even has Why so serious tattooed on himself, along with a Joker like image of himself.If you like Peter Sagan, you ll like the book it will reinforce that perception of him as just a fun loving guy who happens to be a great bike racer It s written as if spoken it has the feeling of something where Sagan just sat down and started talking about things There s nothing in the book about how it was written, what help Sagan got with the writing, etc realistically he had to have had considerable help, given that he is Slovakian and it is written in English, in an easy to read, smooth flowing style.The best parts of the book, I think, are Sagan s accounts of particular races won and lost He gives us his perspective, how he felt, how the race unfolded, who was pushing hard, who wasn t on his best day, what happened in the sprint You don t usually get this in media interviews The final Epilogue recounting last year s Paris Roubaix may be the best, including his attempt to straighten his crooked stem and handlebar by smacking his front wheel repeatedly and at speed into an unsuspecting competitor s rear wheel And it s all presented through Sagan s happy go lucky personality.Another theme that stands out is the importance of Team Peter Sagan trusts and relies on his own people, a team within a team that operates within whichever pro team he s on That team includes Peter s brother, Juraj, a trusted teammate and an accomplished cyclist in his own right.All of that said, you aren t going to get much controversy here The lengthiest treatment of a controversial subject is Sagan s view on his own disqualification in the 2017 Tour de France Sagan believes his disqualification was a mistake, most likely based on a misinterpretation of the video The video appears to show Sagan elbowing Mark Cavendish as Cavendish attempts to come by him on the inside during the stage s final sprint Sagan s view is that the two collided and that Sagan s arm and elbow were forced up by the collision Hard to tell, but it s good to have Sagan s full account.He speaks only briefly about doping in cycling Of course, he expresses disappointment in those who dope and says that they deserve the punishment they get Sagan himself has never, certainly to my knowledge, been rud to have doped, so I don t suppose we should be looking to him for a whole lot on the subject.One thing he doesn t talk about at all is the incident at the 2013 Tour of Flanders in which Sagan pinched, or at least appeared to pinch, one of the podium girls Maja Leye That was early in Sagan s career, and it could have put a bad dent in his popular public persona His apology, both publicly and to Maja Leye, and subsequent conduct got him back on track I would have liked to hear what he thinks about the incident now, and for that matter, what he thinks about the podium girl tradition itself now being eliminated in many if not most pro races.All in all, though, it s entertaining, upbeat, and breezy It s kind of a throw back, to a time when we read about sports heroes just as sports heroes You can criticize Sagan for not digging deeper or for not taking on controversial topics, but I think that s probably just not Peter Sagan. From 2015 to 2017, Peter Sagan achieved the seemingly impossible he won three road race World Championships in a row, ensuring his entry into the history books as one of the greatest riders of all time.But to look at Peter s record in isolation is to tell only a fraction of his story, because Peter doesn t just win he entertains Every moment in the saddle is an opportunity to express his personality, and nobody else has succeeded in making elite cycling look so much fun From no hands wheelies on the slopes of Mont Ventoux to press conference mischief with clamouring journalists, Peter exudes a passion for the sport and a lovable desire to bring smiles to the faces of his fans.So, for the very first time, you will have the opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes of Peter s world You will discover the gruelling training programmes necessary for success, and how Peter copes with the pressure of high expectation You will feel that sense of elation when crossing the line ahead of the pack, and moments of desperation, like in 2017 when Peter realised he wouldn t be allowed to challenge for his sixth Tour de France green jersey But what better tonic than to ensure a third year in rainbow an achievement which may never be repeated again. May be story of Peter not so motivational as some other cyclist s biography, but it s worth to read it The most awesome chapters is about his technique to sprint, description of races and working with Oleg Tinkov This is a great journey of Peter Sagan I hope we see many amazing moments in his career next years.

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