[Epub] ➚ Moving Metropolis: London's Transport: A History of London's Transport Since 1800 Autor Sheila Taylor – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Moving Metropolis: London's Transport: A History of London's Transport Since 1800 The Growth Of London Over The Last Years Has Been Closely Linked With The Expansion Of Its Public Transport Services, Facilitating Both Its Dramatic Increase In Size To Become The Largest City In The World In Victorian Times, And Its Later Suburban Growth Up To The Mid Th Century, When It Was Curbed By Green Belt Legislation This Work Covers The Entire History Of Public Transport In London, From Its Beginnings In The Early Th Century Up To The Present Day, When London Transport Has Changed To Transport For London Comprehensively Illustrated, It Covers All The Main Phases Of The System, From Early Water Transport, Horse Buses And Trams, The Steam Underground, Up To The Modern Electric Underground And Buses There Are Also Contemporary Photographs And Engravings Of The Construction And Operation Of The Network, Its Innovative Posters And Graphic Design, The Personalities And The Architecture The Book Is Organised Chronologically, Each Chapter Containing An Illustrated Opening Essay, Numerous Images With Extensive Captions, And Feature Boxes That Focus On Specific Themes If you lived in London during the last few decades you will know how important London Transport was in getting about the city and this book celebrates the ups and downs of the Company in 1200 mostly color photos, illusrations, diagrams and maps all with excellent long captions.Browsing through the pages I realised what visionary people ran the Company in the first half of the past century The chapter dealing with the Second World War has some fascinating photos of how the LT managed in this difficult period, one shows aircraft components being made in a subway tunnel.If I have a criticism it is that the thirty or so bus and subway route maps are too small and bear in mind that although LT ran the buses all over London, south of the Thames there were only three subway lines for many years, rail transport was provided by Southern Railways and they are not covered The design and production of the book is excellent.The world famour Underground map is mentioned and if you want to know about it have a look at Mr Beck s Underground Map by Ken Garland, a lovely book published in 1994 with everything you ll need to know about Harry Beck s masterpiece. This is an excellent coffee table book for graphic designers especially those interested in corporate identity , architects, urban planners, trainspotters, London philes, and casual social historians While it is thankfully not a weighty academic treatise on the development of London s public transportation system, Moving Metropolis is a wonderfully illustrated timeline of the same and does highlight the key social and political developments en route.The gorgeous illustrations draw upon the vast resources of the London Transport Museum, and the book serves quite nicely as a virtual tour of this institution As a graphic designer I was especially taken by the craft and layout of Moving Metropolis It is beautifully designed, giving appropriate weight to the illustrations, and the text and captions are beautifully set and easy to read The paper quality is outstanding This is all very much in keeping with London Transport s traditionally high standard of design.My only criticism is that the Moving Metropolis in perhaps not sufficiently rigorous from an academic standpoint I would not have been opposed to a in depth analysis of the social and political developments that impacted the growth of London s public transportation system That being said, I am just as happy that this particular book is exactly the way it is I will display is proudly on my coffee table and expect that I shall refer to it frequently especially when a trip to Covent Garden is less than practical.

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