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Monohydra Indonesian Hasselblad Master And International Award Winning Photographer Hengki Koentjoro Journeys Across The World S Largest Archipelago, With The Aim Of Capturing And Immortalising The Fleeting Moments Of Underwater Beauty These Moments Are Elegantly And Delicately Showcased In Stunning Monochromatic Images, Creating A Series Of Tranquil And Ethereal But No Less Spectacular Glimpses Of Indonesian WatersNOHYDRA, A Fine Art, Black And White Underwater Photography Book This Beautifully Bound Book Is The First Of Its Kind, Complete With A Special Foreword By World Renowned American Fine Art Photographer Michael Kenna And Fine Art Gallerist Bob Tobin Certainly A Fine Testament To Hengki S Expertise And Unparalleled Mastery In Underwater Monochromatic PhotographyWith Special Foreword By World Renowned Fine Art Photographer Michael Kenna And Fine Art Gallerist Bob Tobin, This Book Will Be The First Of Its Kind That Features Underwater Scenes In Black And White, Showing His Confidence, Mastery And Expertise In Picture Taking That Has Garnered Him Many International Accolades And Exhibitions It Shows Hengki S Mastery In Underwater Photography, Done In A Rich, Contrasty Black White Tones I have been an admirer of Hengki s photography for some time now He is an accomplished black and white photographer by any measure but what impresses me the most about his images is his ability to master the light and produce a visual poetry that resonates in the mind of the viewer His new photobook, Monohydra , is a defining testament to his ability to do just that It is a book about underwater photography where every photo in his book offers a stillness and depth while unfolding a serene story of known and unknown worlds.There is a purity of purpose to Hengki s photography that makes his images timeless and majestic His enlightened vision, seemingly born from the ether of possibilities and nurtured in the imagination of his artistry, has allowed fellow photographers like me to truly appreciate the sophistication of simple moments I bought the book as a Christmas present to myself as I have always wanted to see his work in person Now I have something tangible to consider my own For those of you who know my own work, you will know that the final decider for me is the printed photo This book does not disappoint it is enjoyable and moving with every turn of the page Thank you Hengki for giving us such a gift I am honoured to have a copy for myself.I highly recommend it What a beautiful book Of course that is what I would expect from Hengki Koentjoro The man is a pro and a perfectionist My gallery Tobin Ohashi Gallery has represented Hengki for several years and the most common question I get asked, is does he have a book.Now he does In fact, he has two and in the works I haven t seen the other books but I think it will be hard to top this one I love the interior titles, the overall minimalist look, the high quality of the paper, the printing, the way it s organized and the works that are included in this book This book is all underwater shots and many images of underwater wildlife, one of Hengki s specialties The highly regarded photographer Michael Kenna, wrote one of the prefaces to this book, and he is also a Hengki fan I was lucky enough to see an advance copy Now that the book is out, I am really pleased that a larger audience can discover the genius and majesty of Hengki Koentjoro s works. If you love black and white photography as much as I do and you KNOW that you do , then you really should consider buying Hengki Koentjoro s new book of underwater sea photography, Monohydra I have admired Hengki s work for years, and I am so pleased that a book of his underwater images has been published This is a world that feels almost alien to a land lubber like me I photograph the surface of the sea, but the world that lies below it remains, for me, ever mysterious, unusual and compelling Hengki has a way of capturing its beauty that is dramatic and moving I am a true believer that photography is meant to be enjoyed in print and this book features a series of flawlessly printed images filled with exquisite tones and contrasts The prints capture everything that is wrong with sharing images online and everything that is right about letting ink saturate finely made paper Hengki captures the light in such beautiful ways that it, quite frankly, makes me sigh and to experience that light as it shines through the water and illuminates the sea below feels almost sacred I should add that no one asked me to share my enthusiasm for this book this is not a thinly veiled advertisement this all comes from my true appreciation for a craftsman of beautiful images

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