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Mindset: a mental guide for sport Learn to deal with pressure and enjoy challenges This book teaches you how to deal with pressure and enjoy challenges It guides you through the exact same exercises professional athletes, world class performers and business leaders have done to perform at their very best when it matters most You ll get all the practical tools to train how to stay relaxed and focused at the same time under all circumstances Mindset describes a new way of thinking in sport It is written for athletes of all playing levels, coaches and parents of children engaged in competitive sports You will be able to convert anger, impatience, tension and frustration into self confidence, better focus andpleasure, transforming your perception of sport and competition forever Elite performance coach and former professional tennis player Jackie Reardon has trained Olympic gold medallists and world champions using unorthodox mindfulness exercises with sport as a metaphor to improve their focus and awareness Combining her expertise in professional sports and mindfulness she developed a hands on philosophy called Friendly Eyes to guide athletes of all levels to reach their best Friendly Eyes means being kind to ourselves, being kind to others and to observe without judgment Because by being friendly to yourself, you can make the progress you want

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