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Medical Terminology: The Best and Most Effective Way to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms: Second Edition This is a great book for a great price Simple and straightforward in a table format The end of the chapters have quizzes to test your knowledge I d definitely recommend this to any student or health professional Medical TerminologyLet S Be Very Clear About This,if You Want To Feel Proud Of Yourself And Do A Great Job In The Health Care Field, You Need To Learn And Understand Medical Terminology It Is A Fundamental Part Of The Future Of Your CareerOur Medical Terminology Book Is A Must Have Study Guide And Workbook For Students Looking To Broaden Or Refreshen Their Skills Of Understanding Medical Terms It Is Perfect For Anyone Who Wishes To Enter The Medical Field, And Is A Great Complementary Tool To Have When Preparing For TheNCLEXorMCAT Many Students Are Also Orderingthis Book As A Complementto Their Anatomy And Physiology Book With This Book You Will Learn And Understand The Basic Concepts Of Medical Terminology And How It Is Being Used In Everyday Life Among Healthcare Personnel Becoming Familiarised With Medical Terminology Is A Fundamental Part Ofany Medical CareerWith That Many Medical Books To Choose From, It Can Be Hard To Decide Which One To BuyThis Book Focuses On The Readability Apsect,which Allows For An Easy Training Guide And Review It Is Divided Into Chapters, And Since The Addition Of Multiple Choice Questions, The Reader Now Has The Possibility To Practice And Test What They Have Learned From Previous Chapters The Answers To These Questionscan Be Found At The Very End Of The Book By Focusing On The Important Word Parts Common Prefixes, Suffixes, And Root Words The Book Goes To Great Lengths In Simplifying The Process Of Memorizing The Medical LanguageWith This Book You Will Be Able To Interpret Medical TerminologyLearn And Understand The Basic FundamentalsBe Able To Test Your Knowledge With Multiple Choice QuestionsGo To The Top Right Of The Page And Click Add To Cart The book is very concise and well organized, good study tool when being first introduced to medical terminology Excellent material I work as an emergency department scribe with aspirations to be a future physician myself This ebook is a wonderful resource, and I highly recommend purchasing it for your personal medical knowledge collection Very nice, handheld book I was surprised to see how small length and width it was I was expecting some chunky textbook LOL I am satisfied with my product They break down the lessons in chapters with Medical Term Exercises at the end of each chapter to review your knowledge They also break things down in suffix and prefix which is the basics of learning a new language yet alone a new word Oh and it came within 2 days Ordered it Tuesday night, got it Friday morning Thanks.

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