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A Concise Overview Of Machine Learning Computer Programs That Learn From Data Which Underlies Applications That Include Recommendation Systems, Face Recognition, And Driverless Cars Today, Machine Learning Underlies A Range Of Applications We Use Every Day, From Product Recommendations To Voice Recognition As Well As Some We Don T Yet Use Everyday, Including Driverless Cars It Is The Basis Of The New Approach In Computing Where We Do Not Write Programs But Collect Data The Idea Is To Learn The Algorithms For The Tasks Automatically From Data As Computing Devices Grow Ubiquitous, A Larger Part Of Our Lives And Work Is Recorded Digitally, And As Big Data Has Gotten Bigger, The Theory Of Machine Learning The Foundation Of Efforts To Process That Data Into Knowledge Has Also Advanced In This Book, Machine Learning Expert Ethem Alpaydin Offers A Concise Overview Of The Subject For The General Reader, Describing Its Evolution, Explaining Important Learning Algorithms, And Presenting Example Applications Alpaydin Offers An Account Of How Digital Technology Advanced From Number Crunching Mainframes To Mobile Devices, Putting Today S Machine Learning Boom In Context He Describes The Basics Of Machine Learning And Some Applications The Use Of Machine Learning Algorithms For Pattern Recognition Artificial Neural Networks Inspired By The Human Brain Algorithms That Learn Associations Between Instances, With Such Applications As Customer Segmentation And Learning Recommendations And Reinforcement Learning, When An Autonomous Agent Learns Act So As To Maximize Reward And Minimize Penalty Alpaydin Then Considers Some Future Directions For Machine Learning And The New Field Of Data Science, And Discusses The Ethical And Legal Implications For Data Privacy And Security Machine Learning: The New AI (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series)

About the Author: Ethem Alpaydin

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Machine Learning: The New AI (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series) book, this is one of the most wanted Ethem Alpaydin author readers around the world.

6 thoughts on “Machine Learning: The New AI (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series)

  1. Juan Carlos Melo L. Juan Carlos Melo L. says:

    Constituye una excelente introducci n al tema de machine learning e Inteligencia Artificial para aquellas personas que no tengan conocimientos previos y busquen obtener una visi n de conjunto completa y con el nivel de profundidad adecuado.

  2. The Preptorial Foundation, Inc. The Preptorial Foundation, Inc. says:

    This book is an introductory overview of Ethem s detailed text on ML The text itself has gotten mostly mixed or bad reviews due to a lot of math and algorithms notated without a lot of detailed explanations, however, this is a general reader intro and doesn t go into math, algos in detail, trees, Bayesian logic or even pseudocode, it is an up to date overview of the field as it exi

  3. Customer Customer says:

    I am quite confused about what to feel about this book, if you are looking for a completely non technical text giving a brief overview this book certainly does fit but if you are searching for a light introduction like me to machine learning field including the methodologies and the theory as well this book is a no go.

  4. Constant Reader Constant Reader says:

    I would have given this book three stars, but as it so prominently displays MIT Press I am holding it to a slightly higher expectation level It s not a very good book I have three main complaints First, the editing is atrocious, or maybe there simply was no editing There are many very simple typo errors that should have been caught by even a novice editor, or perhaps by a machine editor I

  5. David James David James says:

    A clear and concise overview of Machine Learning I always wondered how AI could determine so many of our wants and desires before we knew them ourselves Turns out it s all based on probability What we want is based on how we match up with what others want If a person likes or buys A, B, and C then we are offered what others desired after they also bought A, B and C Now I know why some of the

  6. Mary Echternacht Mary Echternacht says:

    This is an excellently written book about a relatively new concept utilizing Artificial Intelligence to program machines for the purpose of doing something that would be in the realm of a human activity, actually introducing the concept of learning done on the part of a machine, how it is done, it s capabilities, limitations, challenges to mankind, machine learning

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