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Lover Enshrined In This Frighteningly Addictive Paranormal Romance Saga There S A War Raging Between Vampires And Their Slayers Here Are The Stories Of A Secret Band Of Brothers Like No Other Six Vampire Warriors, Defenders Of Their Race And Now A Dutiful Twin Must Choose Between Two Lives Fiercely Loyal To The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Phury Has Sacrificed Himself For The Good Of The Race, Becoming The Male Responsible For Keeping The Brotherhood S Bloodlines Alive As Primale Of The Chosen, He Is Obligated To Father The Sons And Daughters Who Will Ensure That The Traditions Of The Race Survive, And That There Are Warriors To Fight Those Who Want All Vampires Extinguished As His First Mate, The Chosen Cormia Wants To Win Not Only His Body, But His Heart For Herself She Is Drawn To The Noble Responsibility Behind The Emotionally Scarred Male But Phury Has Never Allowed Himself To Know Pleasure Or Joy As The War With The Lessening Society Grows Grim, Tragedy Looms Over The Brotherhood S Mansion, And Phury Must Decide Between Duty And Love

10 thoughts on “Lover Enshrined

  1. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    2.5 Really don t care for Phury Stars SpoilersFirst read 2014Reread 4 1 2017Oh God where do I start with the hot mess that is Phury This book is the one I like the least of all the books in this series and that s because I really don t care for Phury Let me just say that I like Cormia but I don t really understand how she and Phury fell in love He totally ignored h

  2. Aquit Aquit says:

    I was so excited when Phury s book came out He was the only man I liked in Black Dagger Brotherhood I thought he was different in a lot of ways from the other guys Stronger andreliable My type of hero I bought the book and planned to love Lover Enshrined and Phury evenBoy, was I wrong How many times did we had to see how tormented this guy was How many times did we had to kn

  3. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    You tell the others I was not worthy of her As the Directrix s mouth fell open, he pointed his finger at her That s a goddamned order You tell themshe is too good for me I want her elevated to a special rank I want her fucking enshrined, do you understand me You do right by her or I ll bust this place into ruinsI have to say that these 4 stars go to the BDB world and stories revolving

  4. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    I loved this book I had heard many criticisms about it not being as good as the others, and Phury not being as fleshed out I have to say that I have a real understanding of Phury now His torment is very much internal and revolves around his sense of failure, his not being able to get there on time , as my mother so wisely said as we discussed the book last night at dinner He failed in helping h

  5. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    What is it about JR WARD s BDB Series that thetimes I read the books, theI love them.I loved Phury Cormia s storyif that s at all possible.after my 4th read I think that Phury is probably one of the most underrated brothersthere s so muchto him than just being Z s twin I am even beginning to feel for the Scribe Virginyes I amher perfect world is just fading away..leaving her lonely and so alone AND I JUS

  6. • Lisa • • Lisa • says:

    5 SELF CONFESSED ADDICT STARS.Yes, JR Ward has most certainly won me over, again Welcome to book six Lover Enshrined , if like me you can t get enough of the brotherhood your in for a real treat.The brotherhood If you want a flowery romance series full of sunshine and lollipops with straight laced characters and a straight forward perfectly happily ever after, then I doubt the brotherhood will be for you BUT if yo

  7. Kathrynn Kathrynn says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I did not care for this book at all I thought it had too many plots, scene interruptions and not enough romance I was very disappointed in Phury s character FIVE months and he all but ignored Cormia, then assigned John Mathews to show her around Did not think Phury s way or style of killing lessers should have been grounds for kicking him out of

  8. P P says:

    I love you forever didn t always need to be spoken to be understood Phury and Zsadist are twins Since Z was rescured and healed by his beloved Bella, Phury had tried to help him get past his nightmare and become a man that deserving a woman But it was not that easy when Phury has feelings for Bella, from the last book, he cared for her too much and what happened in Lover Awakened doomed his life irrevocably He chose to become the Pri

  9. Christy Christy says:

    I m going to have to go with a 4 4.5 Stars for this one There were a lot of things I really liked, but I guess following Vishous book was too tough of an act to follow Phury is Zsadist s twin He is the calm, cool brother Always willing to sacrifice himself to help anyone out Thats whats got him in this predicament in the first place After being celibate for over 200 years can you say world s oldest virgin Phury takes V s place as the Primale T

  10. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Phury and CormiaI really really like Phury When I was reading his book I just wanted to cuddle him and squeeze him and tell him not to be sad and everything will be all right He has woken up my maternal instinct this boy.In this book, Phury is lost somewhere in the cuckoo land living as a cloud cuckoo lander instead of being a fierce warrior and fearsome brother And he talks to a wizard with a dark voice in his head Endless discussions, arguments, advic

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