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Louis Faurer [Paperback] by Tucker, Anne Wilkes Para Echar Un Vistazo A Este Libro, Es Necesario Habilitar JavaScript En El Navegador M S Informaci N

5 thoughts on “Louis Faurer [Paperback] by Tucker, Anne Wilkes

  1. Interplanetary Funksmanship Interplanetary Funksmanship says:

    Recently, I visited the Art Institute of Chicago to catch a two room show by Robert Frank, which feautures classic images from his seminal work The Americans, along with recent fare from the 1970s through the 1990s Also on the bill was the main showing

  2. Marco Paoluzzo Marco Paoluzzo says:

    Robert Frank became famous overnight Unfortunately his friend Louis Faurer, vanished from the public memory It is not fair and this book repares a little bit the offense made to of one of the greatest photographers from the sixties A lot of incredible pictur

  3. micky marinelli micky marinelli says:

    Simply stunning Some shots are rather odd and yet so beautiful Faurer seemed to know how to see beauty and art in every street corner The photos are a collection of NYC scenes, from the workers or the players to the passerby, from the glamorous to the sad, from t

  4. Rui Soares Rui Soares says:

    is a classic, good edition and fast service by

  5. Robin Robin says:

    I find it odd that since the publication of this perfect photo book in 2002 there has not been another on Faurer s photography Maybe this will be his publishing legacy By all accounts his work seems to remain on the visual fringe of American photographers during that very

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