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Lot Six In A World Where Everyone Is Inventing A Self, Curating A Feed And Performing A Fantasy Of Life, What Does It Mean To Be A Person In His Grandly Entertaining Debut Memoir, Playwright David Adjmi Explores How Human Beings Create Themselves, And How Artists Make Their Lives Into ArtBrooklyn, S Born Into The Ruins Of A Syrian Jewish Family That Once Had It All, David Is Painfully Displaced Trapped In An Insular Religious Community That Excludes Him And A Family Coming Apart At The Seams, He Is Plunged Into Suicidal Depression Through Adolescence, David Tries To Suppress His Homosexual Feelings And Fit In, But When Pushed To The Breaking Point, He Makes The Bold Decision To Cut Off His Family, Erase His Past, And Leave Everything He Knows Behind There S Only One Problem Who Should He Be Bouncing Between Identities He Steals From The Pages Of Fashion Magazines, Tomes Of Philosophy, Sitcoms And Foreign Films, And Practically Everyone He Meets From Rastafarians To French Preppies David Begins To Piece Together An Entirely New Adult Self But Is This The Foundation For A Life, Or Just A Kind Of Quicksand Moving From The Glamour And Dysfunction Of S Brooklyn, To The Sybaritic Materialism Of Reagan S S To Post New York, Lot Six Offers A Quintessentially American Tale Of An Outsider Striving To Reshape Himself In The Funhouse Mirror Of American Culture Adjmi S Memoir Is A Genre Bending K Nstlerroman In The Spirit Of Charles Dickens And Alison Bechdel, A Portrait Of The Artist In The Throes Of A Life And Death Crisis Of Identity Raw And Lyrical, And Written In Gleaming Prose That Veers Effortlessly Between Hilarity And Heartbreak, Lot Six Charts Adjmi S Search For Belonging, Identity, And What It Takes To Be An Artist In America

10 thoughts on “Lot Six

  1. Michael Michael says:

    paints a vibrant portrait of the playwright as a young gay man, growing up on the margins of Brooklyn s affluent Syrian Jewish community, born to a family whose fortune had long been lost, several years younger than his other siblings, who felt connected to each other and their past in a way he did not in swift prose Adjmi charts his struggle to rise above his turbulent upbringing, come to terms wi

  2. Alice Tolan-Mee Alice Tolan-Mee says:

    always visceral, often thrilling sometimes deeply uncomfortable, yet i wanted to steep in this world adjmi so precisely communicates the book pulled me, tumbling, through an emotionally driven outline of one individual s growth patterns at once i felt both voyeuristic and uniquely interwoven into his life i take his voice with me now, forever.

  3. Razel Razel says:

    I gulped this entire thing down in two sittings In retrospect, I probably read the second half of the book too quickly I loved it so much, and wish I d takentime to read itcarefully, but once I d started, I just couldn t stop Adjmi himself is the eponymous Lot Six which is Syrian Jewish slang for queer, but the author really teases out the meaning of queerness here It s not just his sexual orientation that

  4. Carmiel Banasky Carmiel Banasky says:

    Reading Lot Six, I was almost convinced that I was the narrator, that I lived this life, so different from my own Each sentence is so vibrant and full of feeling, so lived in, that those feelings became mine It is both one of those books that I couldn t put down, and that I had to put down every few moments to write myself with a bit of angst that I ll never write quite like this It is a harrowing and loving t

  5. Estelle Laure Estelle Laure says:

    David Admji is already known for the flawed, complex, extreme characters he brings to life on the stage, and now he s applied the same lens to his experience of growing up a Syrian Jew in Brooklyn, across the country to a briefly dreadlocked period in L.A then to Iowa for porn and pancakes and back again for a disorienting stint at Juilliard.Deftly woven, this story is so hilarious and poignant, rife with depictio

  6. Sarah Tolan-Mee Sarah Tolan-Mee says:

    This is a stunning memoir that follows a brilliant, eccentric, sensitive, keenly observant, daring, hilarious Adjmi on his journey of self revelation It is the portrait of how someone becomes a person and an artist What culture are we born into and does that have anything to do with who we are What do we appropriate in order to fashion our true selves What is a person anyway Adjmi writes about the search for identity

  7. Cori Thomas Cori Thomas says:

    This book is brilliant It is one of those I will re visit for sure I finished and knew right away that I will read it again The writing is majestic and the story it tells is immediate and gripping and moving An American memoir we have not seen as yet I can not recommend it highly enough Gorgeous

  8. Michael Zalta Michael Zalta says:

    Just as galactic and atmospheric as his mesmerizing body of work as a playwright, Adjmi s memoir grips you in and pierces through the all too familiar pains of living on the margins of a provincialized world With Lot Six , Adjmi shatters the stylized aesthetics of his theatrical work to expose an emotionally rich self portrait pieced together from a range of dark memories, inspired esoterica, and fantasies of what it means to

  9. Mitzi Yao Mitzi Yao says:

    Wow I was transported back in time This book took me back to the streets and to my adolescence in New York David Adjmi has an incredible memory for beautifully reviving NY scents and scenes from the 80 s and 90 s pop, fashion, and art culture through words as we travel on his path to self discovery and success It s a beautifully orchestrated memoir and it sings in a language that makes you weep, laugh, cringe, commiserate with hi

  10. Tory Stewart Tory Stewart says:

    This book is so smart, poignant and funny It s a memoir of David Adjmi, one of my favorite playwrights, all about his childhood in Brooklyn and his journey as an artist There are so many amazing stories they are hard edged and melancholic especially the ones concerning his difficult relationship with his father.

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