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Wallace, K: Little Book of Wooden Bowls Bowls by women are featured heavily in this little book which is brilliant as far too few woodturners are female Alot of the content in this book goes back decades Each section tells you the name of the turner, a bit of their background and who influenced them plus some pictures of their work which are usually quite similar as they have developed a specific interest I use this book for ideas and also to look up the artists and their inspirations on youtube and instagram. Don t be put off by the small format Plenty of pages with good photos and excellent writing If you like turned wood, you should get this The price is right. The introduction to this volume provides one of the most complete and relevant timelines and description of the development of American woodturning in the modern era that you will find in a book of this topic The body of the book illustrates just a few of the growing numbers of creative masters of the genre This is a must have book for woodturning book collectors. Beautiful book of some lovely bowls The size of the book is smaller than expected, but given it s title Little Book I should have known I like it that women are given quite a bit of space in the book, much than in similar books that I ve seen. Books such as this can be an inspiration All it needs is one good idea that you can put into effect and the money is well spent This book did just that. If you are into well designed wood bowls, this is a must have This craftsman s companion celebrates the woodturners and innovative artists from around the world who have taken bowl making to a higher level of aesthetic form Little Book of Wooden Bowls featuresof today s finest woodworkers and artisans such as Virginia Dodson, Binh Pho, Harvey Fein, Paul Fennell, and Marilyn Campbell who share their personal motivations, thought processes, and the studio techniques they employ to bring out the breathtaking beauty of wood Each artist s profile includes full color, studio quality photographs of their most spectacular work, including vessels, bowls, platters, and , along with insights on their design ideas and objectives Curated by prominent wood art authorities Kevin Wallace and Terry Martin, this book is sure to become a treasure in every woodworking library

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