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Lincoln's Grave Robbers A True Crime Thriller The First Book For Teens To Tell The Nearly Unknown Tale Of The Brazen Attempt To Steal Abraham Lincoln S Body The Action Begins In October Of , As Secret Service Agents Raid The Fulton, Illinois, Workshop Of Master Counterfeiter Ben Boyd Soon After Boyd Is Hauled Off To Prison, Members Of His Counterfeiting Ring Gather In The Back Room Of A Smoky Chicago Saloon To Discuss How To Spring Their Ringleader Their Plan Grab Lincoln S Body From Its Springfield Tomb, Stash It In The Sand Dunes Near Lake Michigan, And Demand, As A Ransom, The Release Of Ben Boyd And , In Cash From Here, The Action Alternates Between The Conspirators, The Secret Service Agents On Their Trail, And The Undercover Agent Moving Back And Forth Between The Two Groups Along The Way Readers Get Glimpses Into The Inner Workings Of Counterfeiting, Grave Robbing, Detective Work, And The Early Days Of The Secret Service The Plot Moves Toward A Wild Climax As Robbers And Lawmen Converge At Lincoln S Tomb On Election Night November ,

5 thoughts on “Lincoln's Grave Robbers

  1. Heidi Grange Heidi Grange says:

    Sheinkin does it again He creates a vivid picture of a time and place while telling a story that most people have probably never heard before I know this isn t something I had ever heard about before and I ve read a lot about Abraham Lincoln What isn t to love here, I mean, there are counterfeiters, jail breaks, and undercover agents What kid wouldn t want to hea

  2. mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer says:

    The book was good visually There were plenty of relevant pictures that really helped to understand the book It accurately told the story of what happened 3 stars though because you have to have a certain taste to enjoy the way it was written At some points it seemed like you were reading an actual story, and then right before you know it, it switches to a documentary

  3. Sean C. Sean C. says:

    I read this book for a book club made up of adults ranging from 25 30 years old The consensus was that, while we each enjoyed it to different degrees, it would be great for young adult readers Sheinkin gave this historical episode, which could have proven quite dry, a voice that intrigued me and left me wanting to read of his books As a history teacher who doesn t like many

  4. Josie Josie says:

    I liked that the book was about a famous person in history and things that actually happened but few people know.I didn t like the constant change in character stories This made it confusing at times I would recommend this book to a mature teen,maybe 8th graders.

  5. B. J. Neary B. J. Neary says:

    The year is 1865 and counterfeiting is rampant Master engraver Ben Boyd has been arrested and this affects business in a very bad way In order to spring Boyd, his buddies hatch a plot to steal Lincoln from his grave, hold his body for ransom and collect 200,000 Will this scheme work Follow the conspirators, the Secret Service, and an undercover agent while learning about the Lincoln Mon

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