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Life of Pi Life Of Pi Is A Fantasy Adventure Novel By Yann Martel Published In 2001 The Protagonist, Piscine Molitor Pi Patel, A Tamil Boy From Pondicherry, Explores Issues Of Spirituality And Practicality From An Early Age He Survives 227 Days After A Shipwreck While Stranded On A Boat In The Pacific Ocean With A Bengal Tiger Named Richard Parker.

10 thoughts on “Life of Pi

  1. Eva Eva says:

    It is not so much that The Life of Pi, is particularly moving although it is It isn t even so much that it is written with language that is both delicate and s

  2. Jason Jason says:


  3. Trevor Trevor says:

    I found a lot of this book incredibly tedious I tend to avoid the winners of the Man Booker they make me a little depressed The only Carey I haven t liked won the Booker Oscar

  4. Mary Mary says:

    It s not that it was bad, it s just that I wish the tiger had eaten him so the story wouldn t exist.I read half of it, and felt really impatient the whole time, skipping whole pages, and th

  5. Kirstine Kirstine says:

    I was extremely surprised by this book Let me tell you why it s a funny story On the Danish cover it says Pi s Liv Pi s Life , but I hadn t noticed the apostrophe, so I thought it said Pis Liv Piss L

  6. Malbadeen Malbadeen says:

    Sift a pinch of psychology with a scant tablespoon of theology, add one part Island of the Blue Dolphin with two parts philosophy, mix with a pastry blender or the back of a fork until crumbly but not

  7. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    The beginning is rough.It s all like Why do we keep going on and on about religion Where s the boat Where s the tiger Stop and enjoy the roses The book will get to the tiger part when it wants to Young Pi Piscine Pi Pat

  8. Jesse Jesse says:

    Life of Pi was a fairly engaging story in terms of plot and character, but what made it such a memorable book, for me at least, was its thematic concerns Is it a story that will make you believe in God, as Pi claims I m not sure

  9. Annalisa Annalisa says:

    I read this book two years ago, but when we discussed it this month for book club, I remembered how much I liked it A good discussion always ups my appreciation of a novel as does an ending that makes me requestion my givens in the story I

  10. Adrian Rush Adrian Rush says:

    No need to reinvent the wheel Here s my .com review It doesn t matter whether what you tell people is truth or fiction, because there s no such thing as truth, no real difference between fantasy and reality, so you might as well go with the interes

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