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Life in Death Few pieces elicit such immediate joy as the artworks created by Rebecca Louise Law She has spent much of her artistic life recreating the fields of flowers that delighted her as a child Her massive, installationsdescribed as deconstructed gardens and floral magicinclude cascades of multicolored wildflowers and lines of monochromatic roses, all hand dried and hand tied Her art has appeared everywhere from Times Square to Windsor Castle and companies such as Herms, Tiffany, and Jo Malone, have commissioned her to decorate their storesLife in Death is the most comprehensive collection to date of Laws work It documents the evolution of Laws unique artistic practice, and explains why she chose to use preserved flowers as sculptural material It offers a journey through her earliest experiments to her best known immersive installations, via a series of beautifully documented photographs It also provides a unique insight into Laws life and influences, including an introduction written by the artist herself The collection culminates with exclusive imagery of Life in Death from Laws exhibition at Kews Shirley Sherwood Gallery Its a breathtaking book that puts a pop of color and world of delight into the hands of her fans

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