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Leave Only Footprints : My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park From The Emmy Winning CBS Sunday Morning Correspondent, An Entertaining Chronicle Of His Year Spent Traveling To Every One Of Our National Parks, Including His Experiences With Some Of The Most Beautiful Places And Most Interesting People That America Has To OfferWhen Conor Knighton Decided To Spend A Year Wandering Through America S Best Idea, He Was Worried The Whole Thing Might End Up Being His Worst Idea But, After A Broken Engagement And A Broken Heart, He Desperately Needed A Change Of Scenery The Ambitious Plan He Cooked Up Went A Bit Overboard In That Department Knighton Set Out To Visit Every Single One Of America S National Parks, From Acadia To Zion Leave Only Footprints Is The Memoir Of His Year Spent Traveling Across The United States, A Journey That Yielded His On The Trail Series, Which Quickly Became One Of CBS Sunday Morning S Most Beloved Segments In This Smart, Informative, And Often Hilarious Book, He Ll Share How His Journey Through These Natural Wonders, Unchanged By Man, Ended Up Changing His Worldview On Everything From God To Politics To Love And Technology Whether It S Waking Up Early For A Naked Scrub In An Arkansas Bathhouse Or Staying Up Late To Stargaze Along Our Loneliest Highway, Knighton Goes Behind The Scenery To Provide An Unfiltered Look At America In The Tradition Of Books Like A Walk In The Woods Or Turn Right At Machu Picchu, This Is An Irresistible Mix Of Personal Narrative And Travelogue Some Well Placed Pop Culture References, Too And A Must Read For Any Of The Million Yearly National Parks Visitors

10 thoughts on “Leave Only Footprints : My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park

  1. Mark Baker Mark Baker says:

    When Conor Knighton s fianc e left him, he wasn t sure quite what to do until he saw a promotion talking about the National Park s 100th anniversary Soon, he was making plans to visit all of the official National Parks in 2016, reporting on some of them for CBS Sunday Morning After experiencing sunrise on New Year s Day in Acadia, he crisscrossed the country numerous times in his quest to experience all of them.When I first heard about this book,

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    Highly recommend Oh my gosh it left me energized and excited to adventure and jealous of his nomadic lifestyle and career Left me wanting to readabout every one of the 56 parks he went to and experience them myself Definitely not the kind of hard core adventure book I was expecting it sin the vein of A Walk in the Woods and reads like a series of short articles Knighton is a romantic and an engaging storyteller.

  3. Ali Ali says:

    I had the lucky chance to pick up an advance copy at work It was on our shelf, and something about it called out to me It was the perfect book for me to read right now I m currently going through a challenging part of my life, and have set a goal for myself travel the country and see many of our amazing national parks I will admit, I m not aiming for EVERY one in a year, like Conor achieved, but I do have 19 stops on my list and counting This book is not

  4. Cindy Burnett Cindy Burnett says:

    In this non fiction gem, Knighton chronicles the year he spent traveling to every national park in the United States The parks are grouped by theme instead of location which works surprisingly well, and the book is interspersed with humor and intriguing details about each of the parks Knighton highlights the importance of our national parks, how various parks received their designations, and how climate change and over visiting is impacting many of these bea

  5. Jessica Jessica says:

    Really enjoyed this book I ve always been a huge National Parks fan and truly believe they re right when they say the National Parks were America s best idea.Teddy Roosevelt found himself in American wilderness when it seemed as though everything was lost So many of us go to nature to help us persevere when we feel like we cannot go on I certainly do Knighton provides a beautiful look into American National Parks He interweaves his own outlooks and experiences,

  6. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

    We forget, but there are lots of ways to read a book.I read a book last week It was an immersive experience The book is Leave Only Footprints My Acadia to Zion Journey Through Every National Park It was written by Conor Knighton who undertook the journey to visit all fifty nine American national parks in a year He filmed segments for CBS Sunday Morning along the way.Happily, I found all twenty four of the segments available online On the Trail CBS Sunday Morning.I d

  7. Laura Hoffman Brauman Laura Hoffman Brauman says:

    What an absolutely perfect way to spend an evening Knighton visited 59 national parks in a year and wrote about the experience I loved the way he structured it not in the order he visited them or their geographic location, but by themes that connected them Mystery, God, Sound, People, etc it was a really effective way to highlight how connected places that might seem dissimilar can be For the parks I have already visited, it brought back wonderful memories For the ones

  8. Bronson Bronson says:

    This book was a pleasant and happy surprise It was given to me as a gift and I d not heard of it or the author before It happened to coincide with a couple of stormy rainy days that provided hours of uninterrupted reading time and I was happy about that because I had a hard time putting it down.Conor spends a year visiting all 59 national parks I love the parks I ve visited and the outdoors and nature in general so I was intrigued by the premise There are a few things about

  9. Colleen Colleen says:

    This is exactly what I needed right now and pretty much what I wanted Wild to be but wasn t Yes, there are feelings but there are also lots of facts about national parks that I look forward to boring everyone around me with for some time Each connected chapter has a reasonable theme and could easily serve as a stand alone essay, which is pretty much how I want my fun nonfiction books to be written If you are missing travel right now this is the book for you

  10. J. Lee Hazlett J. Lee Hazlett says:

    4.75 stars Beautifully written, poignant, and funny Not only does the author give glimpses into the history of the parks, he also shows many different reasons why they still matter or ought to to people now I was disappointed by the very small amount of time that was dedicated to certain parks, however There were a couple of instances in which a particular park showed up for about two paragraphs, just long enough to act as a segue between longer segments on two other locations This

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