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Langdon Clay: Cars: New York City, 1974-1976 From To , Langdon Clay Born Photographed The Cars He Encountered While Wandering The Streets Of New York City And Nearby Hoboken, New Jersey, At Night Shot In Kodachrome With A Leica And Deftly Lit With Then New Sodium Vapor Lights, The Pictures Feature A Distinct Array Of Makes And Models Set Against The Gritty Details Of Their Surrounding Urban And Architectural Environments, And Occasionally The Ghostly Presence Of People I Experienced A Conversion Of Sorts In Making A Switch From The Decisive Moment Of Black And White To The Marvel Of Color, A World I Was Waking Up To Every Day, Clay Writes Of This Work At The Time It Seemed Like An Obvious And Natural Transition What Was Less Obvious Was How To Reflect My World Of New York City In Color I Discovered That Night Was Its Own Color And I Fell For It Langdon Clay Was Born In New York City In He Grew Up In New Jersey And Vermont And Attended School In New Hampshire And Boston Clay Moved To New York In And Spent The Next Sixteen Years Photographing There, Around The Country And In Europe For Various Magazines And Books In He Moved To Mississippi Where He Has Since Lived With His Wife, Photographer Maude Schuyler Clay, And Their Three Children

5 thoughts on “Langdon Clay: Cars: New York City, 1974-1976

  1. nsfw nsfw says:

    The quality of the printing is incredibly high A great gift for a car lover or anyone who lives new York history.

  2. Richard Richard says:

    I bought the book for my best friend who is a 70 s car enthusiast He loved the book and it brought back many wonderful memories.

  3. Jojazzgo Jojazzgo says:

    Walker Evans meets William Eggleston in the middle of the night Very nice Beautiful book.

  4. monte beauchamp monte beauchamp says:

    A tour de force It s one of those books you ll keep looking at again, and again, again.

  5. Robin Robin says:

    Langdon Clay was only twenty two when he started to capture parked cars at night though the one hundred and fifteen wonderful photos in these pages took two years from 1974 to 1976 He hit on a very simple format, profiles of parked cars with a backdrop of buildings and do it all at night The darkness creates a sort of natural frame for the compositions and throws up color

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