[[ Read Best ]] Knots & Splices: The Most Commonly Used Knots Author Steve Judkins – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Knots & Splices: The Most Commonly Used Knots Brilliant just like described Boys on holday live then great fit and come with their own saftey bag and differebt so no fight ove colours Defo the ones to buy A little limited on the number of knots that one might find useful Some key knots like the midshipman s not detailed within this book However those described provide easy instruction crackin wee book, easy to follow, also small and very slimwhich can be a disadvantage cos I keep misplacing my copy Cheap and cheerful. Very useful book This pocket handbook is not only very useful for the boat enthusiast but a must for those involved with handling ropes for professional hobbys camping climbing etc. Very handy Often wondered how some knots were achieved, now I know how, and can do it with some very easy to follow instructions. This beautifully illustrated book covers the commonly used knots and splices In full colour, it illustrates clearly how to tie each knot using sequential diagrams and a step by step approach Topics covered include the ten knots everyone should know plus many others , splices and whippings, how to choose the right rope for the job, the use and benefits of each knot and times where special care is needed

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