books pdf John Lautner (Architecture/Design Series)Author Alan Hess –

John Lautner (Architecture/Design Series) Outstanding book Great work from cover to cover If you re an engineer this will give you a lot of ideas If you just like architecture this will go well on your coffee table In the few months since I purchased this beautifully illustrated and impecabbly written monograph, John Lautner seems to have become Hollywood s favorite posthumous architect This month s Vanity Fair features a screenwriter and his wife showcasing their restored Lautner masterwork while virtually every fashion spread in the same issue has one emaciated model or another posing, pouting and preening against a Lautner structure This wonderful book travels Lautner s career arc from Wright disciple employing the tools and traits of the Master to the emergence of his own distinctive blend of wood, steel, concrete and location that, ultimately, bears little resemblance to his roots at Taliesin As the text makes clear, Lautner shared Wright s prickly self absorption and relentless self philosophizing However, as the book wanders from one beautifully executed commission to the next, you end up endorsing his sense of self Like the best of Wright, each structure seems to organically emerge from its site to envelop the owners in a beautifully scaled and very human dwelling A worthy tribute to John Lautner s artistry and vision. Did a report in school on this architect this is a nice book a lovely visual essay with good information on this talented man. The book illustrates John Lautners work in photos beautifully, but it lacks plans to allow the reader to grasp the projects better. This condensed edition of Thames and, in fact, Lautner homes are now as highly prized as Wright homes as collectible architecture.

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