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                        John Adams: A Captivating Guide to an American Founding Father Who Served as the Second President of the United States of America (English Edition)
            I received an advance copy of this book so that I could submit an early review However, I volunteered to do early reviews because I really like the Captivating History series The books are written on a wide variety of historical subjects They are relatively short, but packed with information, so the reader can understand the subject without making a huge time commitment.I also read the Captivating History biography of John Jay, which I highly recommend This one on John Adams is also a solid piece of work, providing the good, bad, and ugly about a complex character For example, Adams was an honest man and a passionate patriot who contributed greatly to the formation of the United States He generally kept his anti slavery positions to himself, but at least he practiced what he preached However, his generally obnoxious character often got in his way and his use of the Alien and Sedition Acts was quite abhorrent Definitely worth the read to learn a bit about one of the most important founding fathers This book in one one of our country s most forgotten figures Maybe because it was early in our country s history as seems to be focused on the modern era.John Adams was a man of many talents who helped shape policy in the newly formed country Adams being a lawyer was able to decipher some of the complex issues with the constitution Widely traveled of high intelligence made him the right person for the time in our country.Very well done book on a significant figure of our country s early history Great job Captivating History as usual How John Adams became one of the founders of the republic, helped to write the constitution, and rose to become president is explained in detail in this short book, part of the Captivating Guide to An American Founding Father series He was the first vice president under George Washington and second president of the United States Adams also served as a diplomat, first as Commissioner to France, then Ambassador to the Dutch Republic and was the first American Ambassador to Great Britain in 1785.Born on his family s farm in Braintree, Massachusetts, in 1735, and educated as a lawyer,Adams was originally a conservative but with the high handed actions of the English Parliament towards the colonies, his ideas began to change His interactions with Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton among others is discussed His personal life, marriage to Abigail Adams, and children are also mentioned.if you want a short look at the founding and early years of the US, the turmoil and difficulty of forming a new government, and the trials of being the 2nd president of an unknown nation this book offers insights and much information. I love Early American history, but I live a very busy life, so I don t have time to read all the books I would like to read about my favorite historical figures This book was perfect I was able to download it to my mobile and read it on my subway commute to and from work It was written very efficiently, with just enough details to clearly explain the times and issues around John Adams, but no useless details to slow down the narrative I learned a lot of things i didn t know about John Adams and the Continental Congress, but never felt like I was reading a text book it was engaging and entertaining. If you want to discover the captivating life of John Adams, then keep readingFree History BONUS Inside John Adams once wrote, People and nations are forged in the fires of adversity That was very much Adams experience Although he was often maligned, he didnt deserve it Having been born in the English colony of Massachusetts in 1735, he not only witnessed a new nation emerging from the shell of infancy, but he also participated in its growing pains Adams was a man who was frequently asked to assume roles in which he had little experience, like that of a diplomat to France and England In a sense, he was a part of the vanguard that the government had thrown into the fray But why would the government choose him to represent their interests Perhaps the main reason was that John Adams was a lawyer and understood the legal significance of treaties and agreements He was also a simple and objective man who knew how to get to the heart of an issue in quick order However, the French and British were confused by his direct approach They preferred charm decorated with solicitousness and obsequiousness, and Adams often had to tread water Even his wife was criticized because her gowns werent up to the standards of the nobility she encountered there The one quality he had that aided him well during these times was the fact that he was tough and not easily discouraged He threw all his energy into a task in order to serve his country.Despite some of the controversial policies that John Adams enacted, he was a president that guided the young country of the United States to its feet It is to his credit that he was able to maintain neutrality while Europe waged yet another war With the country still in its nascent stages, the country would have floundered under such a heavy debt and perhaps would have never become what it is today In John Adams A Captivating Guide to an American Founding Father Who Served as the Second President of the United States of America, you will discover topics such asJohn Adams Political ActivistFrom Counsel to PatriotThe Second Continental CongressJohn Adams Diplomat add to cart button

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