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Jerusalem: Caught in Time (Caught in Time Great Photographic Archives) Three of the world s great faiths Judaism, Christianity and Islam regard Jerusalem as holy, making it the world s single most sacred city If a lasting peace ever comes to the Middle East, many predict that Jerusalem will become a leading hub of world travel as pilgrims from all three of these faiths visit these ancient sites.As a traveler in Jerusalem and a journalist who has reported from Jerusalem I know that that one of the toughest challenges in our era is seeing past the in your face images of Jerusalem that are all too common In sacred settings, we get stylized images reflecting the interests of our faiths paintings of Jesus carrying a cross, let s say, in thousands of churches In news media, unfortunately, we tend to get either images of conflict or images from holiday rituals We don t see the deeper, larger, timeless richness of the holy city.In my own library, among my most prized possessions are volumes on Jerusalem down through history, reflecting the work of cartographers, artists, photographers, scholars and writers These books, often difficult to find, open up windows into Jerusalem that we simply don t see, if we don t seek out these sources.That s the background for this strong recommendation that, if you care about Jerusalem as a city, you ll want to add this volume to your shelf The book originally was published in 1999, but has been republished in a brand new edition by Garnet Publishing Get a copy while it s available, again.Here s what makes this collection of images so important These photos are drawn from the Palestine Exploration Fund PEF , which has 19th Century roots in British evangelical missionary efforts but evolved into one of the leading sponsors of explorations into archaeology, manners, customs, topography, geology and natural sciences of the Holy Land A Who s Who of famous explorers and scholars worked through PEF sponsorship.This means the collection of imagery has a remarkable balance This isn t an inspirationally re shaped series of images, designed to tell a particular religious story This is a window into a larger, diverse history.Here s an example Christians interested in the Lenten story hear about Jesus leaving Bethany and eventually heading toward Jerusalem In this book is a remarkable panorama of photos taken in 1864 approaching Jerusalem from the direction of Bethany.If you ve been to Jerusalem, you ll remember many of these locations and can peer backward through history at what they looked like, in many cases, well over a century ago and, presumably, much closer to their settings thousands of years ago than they are at the moment.But this isn t merely an academic exercise There is real spiritual warmth in these photos I don t think I ll soon forget an 1895, hand tinted photo of Jews praying at the Western Wall in which the distinctively golden hue of Jerusalem s stones seems to glow right out of the printed page reaching across time and space. The Great Majority Of Photographs In This Book Have Been Taken From The Archives Of The Palestine Exploration Fund PEF , An Important Research Centre Which Set Out To Record The Minutest Details Of The City And The Surrounding Area Its Work Differed From That Of Many Of The Other Photographers Of The Period Who Were Western Protestants And Armenian Christians, Motivated By The Demand Among Westerners For The Jerusalem Of Jesus And Photographs Of The Christian Holy Places The PEF Was Not A Political, Religious Or Missionary Organization But Was Instead Motivated By The Desire To Record Everything, From Archaeological Digs To The Ordinary People Of The City Going About Their Daily Business Because Of Its Unique Position In Palestine, The PEF Was Also Able To Acquire Collections From Many Different Sources As A Consequence, This Book Has A Wide Variety Of Material, With Photographs Taken By Local Photographers And Missionaries, As Well As Those Taken By The Professional Photographers, Motivated By The Tourist Trade The Fund S Archive Is Therefore A Remarkable Compilation Of Photographs Of Jerusalem In The Nineteenth And Early Twentieth Centuries And Reveals The True Face Of The City And Its People

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Jerusalem: Caught in Time (Caught in Time Great Photographic Archives) book, this is one of the most wanted Colin Osman author readers around the world.

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