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Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works We Ve All Been There Angry With Ourselves For Overeating, For Our Lack Of Willpower, For Failing At Yet Another Diet That Was Supposed To Be The Last One But The Problem Is Not You, It S That Dieting, With Its Emphasis On Rules And Regulations, Has Stopped You From Listening To Your Body Written By Two Prominent Nutritionists, Intuitive Eating Focuses On Nurturing Your Body Rather Than Starving It, Encourages Natural Weight Loss, And Helps You Find The Weight You Were Meant To Be Learn How To Reject Diet Mentality Forever How Our Three Eating Personalities Define Our Eating Difficulties How To Feel Your Feelings Without Using Food How To Honor Hunger And Feel Fullness How To Follow The Ten Principles Of Intuitive Eating, Step By Step How To Achieve A New And Safe Relationship With Food And, Ultimately, Your Body With Much Compassionate, Thoughtful Advice On Satisfying, Healthy Living, This Newly Revised Edition Also Includes A Chapter On How The Intuitive Eating Philosophy Can Be A Safe And Effective Model On The Path To Recovery From An Eating Disorder

About the Author: Evelyn Tribole

Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD is an award winning registered dietitian, with a nutrition counseling practice in Newport Beach, California She has written seven books including the bestsellers Healthy Homestyle Cooking and Intuitive Eating co author Her newest book is the Ultimate Omega 3 Diet.Evelyn was the nutrition expert for Good Morning America, appearing from 1994 95 and was a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association for 6 years She was contributing editor for Shape magazine where her monthly column, Recipe Makeovers, appeared for 11 years.She is often sought by the media for her nutritional expertise and has appeared on hundreds of interviews, including CNN, Today Show, MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today, Wall St Journal and People magazine.As a speaker, Evelyn is passionate and has been called, Wonderfully wise and funny , whether providing a keynote or full day workshop.Achievements and honors include, receiving the American Dietetic Association s Award for Excellence in Private Practice Many national magazines have rated Evelyn as one of the best nutritionists in the country including Self, Harper s Bazaar, and Redbook magazine.Professional memberships include the Am Dietetic Assoc., International Society for Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids, the Celiac Disease Foundation, and the Academy for Eating Disorders.Evelyn qualified for the Olympic Trials in the first ever women s marathon in 1984 Although she no longer competes, Evelyn runs for fun and is an avid skier and hiker She also enjoys surfing, kayaking and white water rafting Evelyn s favorite food is chocolate, when it can be savored slowly.

10 thoughts on “Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works

  1. Amy Amy says:

    I wish, wish, wish that every one of my friends who struggles with her weight, thinks she should diet, or who mentally tallies in her mind what she s eaten that day or that week to determine if she can eat that cookie or whatever would read this book Before reading this book, I thought I was an intuitive ea

  2. Julia Julia says:

    For my final pre internship year, I m going to be working with individuals with eating disorders I figured I d try something completely new When I asked my supervisor what books she d recommend as introductory readings, Intuitive Eating is where she sent me, telling me that it s the only self help nutrition book o

  3. Thomas Thomas says:

    A wonderful book for those who wish to do away with dieting and learn to love food again As someone who reads a lot about eating disorders and hopes to specialize in eating disorder treatment and prevention, I found Intuitive Eating a well written reference on how to reject diet mentality, find satisfaction from food, an

  4. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    Bullet Review While I think overall, this and Mindful Eating are probably the best ways to care for one s health, this book was hugely repetitive and pretty obvious for anyone who s spent any amount of time trying to lose weight.The Non Diet Diet Pay attention to when you are hungry and full Only eat when you are hungry Don t e

  5. Kate LaChapelle Kate LaChapelle says:

    I started reading this book the other day and while it has only been a few days, I can see how much its ideas are transforming my life Since I was a young girl I have struggled with body image, food issues, and disordered eating and my struggle has only gottendifficult andpronounced as I ve gotten older, this book feels like it s the

  6. Michelle Curie Michelle Curie says:

    Bread is fattening, sweets are bad for you and no, I really shouldn t have a slice of cake, I ve eaten so much alreadyWho hasn t heard something like this before It s funny to think about it, because with all that food and knowledge available to us, shouldn t eating be one of the easiest things to do Objectively speaking it requires nothingt

  7. Jen V Jen V says:

    Now that it s been almost 7 years since first being introduced to Intuitive Eating I can honestly say the concepts in this book actually really did change my life and allowed me to make peace with food I think I have the first edition there are now 4 which although the writing is a little okay a lot hoakie the concepts are priceless I do have to sa

  8. Jo Lisa Jo Lisa says:

    This is actually my 2nd reading of this book. I read it in 2015 as well While I know that the 10 Principles are extremely valuable, it is so hard to change decades of food fear and disordered eating I am working really hard toward intuitive eating I have found that I go through phases of how I feel about food This has always been true, but recently I find

  9. Tara Tara says:

    I love what this book is saying, but it is VERY 80s feeling The gist of the program eat when you re hungry, stop when you re full, and stop guilting yourself when you eat what you TRULY want I think modern studies about the addict ability of processed foods makes this slightly less factual The authors claim the reason you overeat is because you ve either been st

  10. Jezzyka Jezzyka says:

    Hmm SighThis is, essentially, the way to eat A lot of people do, naturally, it s not like a special, new age restrictive idea But for many of us, who see Drop a Pant Size in 2 Weeks and constant headlines on the obesity crisis, we can t help but be affected, to feel that something is wrong with us and we have to be perfect PERFECT We have to look like this on top of be

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