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Into the Water Find my full review here book was, unfortunately, a disappointment to me Convoluted plotting, WAY too many characters to keep track of, and an overall lack of suspense made for a less than engaging read I m sure many readers will enjoy this one, but if you re looking for a psychological thriller with the addictive pacing shocking plot twists of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, I wouldn t recommend this one. This is not an easy book to get into Lots of diverse characters and you are left trying to suss out who s who and what is happening and why so many people don t seem to like Nel and are glad she s dead But the book does grab you You only see glimpses, back and forth, but they are fascinating, shimmering glimpses, like trying to determine what s underneath the water Hawkins excels at keeping the reader off balance There are twists throughout I liked the premise Nel is the latest death in the drowning pool Girls and women have either been put to death or killed themselves here for centuries Her death appears a suicide, as did the girl s before her her daughter s best friend So the police are trying to ascertain what actually happened They keep catching everyone in lies, so they keep investigating Everyone blames someone else, everyone is pointing fingers And there s plenty of blame to go around The book really picks up steam in the second half and the ending is perfect I did not see that coming Not as good as Girl on the Train, which was phenomenal, but enticing in its own right. 3.5 stars rounded down after consideration It s almost inevitable that this book will be compared to The Girl on the Train, which is a pretty flattering testament to the magnitude of a book s success Into the Water, however, stands on its own and easily separates itself from its notable predecessor This story is unique and its large cast of characters are bold and distinguishable The only commonalities I found are ones I went into this book anticipating phenomenal writing and a wide spread of mystery The tone was a chilling blend of eery, dark, and haunting held steadily to the end, creating a world that was easy to get lost in However, even with these treasured factors at play, I didn t end up loving this one as much as I d imagined As compelling as the foundation was, after a while, the plot began feeling like it consisted only of build up and explanations without much else unfolding The story is told through the alternating perspectives of over ten different characters It was certainly a lot to take in and keep track of, but it also upped the intrigue and gave the structure a quick, choppy sort of flow In keeping up with the girls gone missing crazy dead theme that seems to be all the rage and staying that way dammit, this plot surrounds the mystery of a series of girls past and present whose lifeless bodies have turned up in the infamous Drowning Pool Every character is questionable, which is typical and fun, but there are instances when blame can seem to spread too evenly between suspects, as was the case here for me It makes the focus on each character too equal and sort of dulls the opportunity for surprise I wasn t shocked by the turn out, or maybe I wasn t all that impressed Despite being granted the less pronounced, swift conclusion I prefer, I didn t feel that gut punch of a twist well done It felt matter of fact and slid past me without sparking much of a rise in my emotions Although it did raise a couple questions, one in particular I m still trying to figure out All of that said, I had a hard time putting this one down and soared through it in roughly a day or so It was a decent, worthwhile read, and I can t say I wouldn t recommend, as long as you re not expecting another TGoTT When I first started reading this much awaited second novel by Paula Hawkins, I was so impressed by her ability to create such an eerie, chilling description of what I had hoped was a taste of what was to come reminiscent of old, black and white, British movies I remember wondering at the time she was writing, if she might have been imagining this book becoming another movie That s how it began to feel too much attention was given to the details of the surroundings.The author gives a quick introduction to each of the 10 characters This is about five than I can comfortably keep track of In between these characters, chapters of a book being written by one of them is added in throughout the storyline on previous drowning victims, which also adds to the confusion Into The Water is about who drowned, when they drowned, and why they drowned After bouncing me around from one character to the next through the first half of the book, my interest quickly started to wane At no time did I feel any suspense building nor could I form a connection with any of the unlikable characters The ending was lackluster, leaving me with several unanswered questions.2.5 stars. Ummmmmm..I wouldn t recommend listening to a book for the first time on audio with 6,695 POV s I may read the physical book and see if I like it I just can t like this book at this time It switched so many times between dates and people that I wanted to throw the book Well, audio on the tablet across the room I would never have gotten the audio if the summary would have said there are 1500 people in the book Sigh The group of narrators were good though Now that I think about it, I might not re read it I don t feel like reading about rapists and a bastard that drowns a cat Seems everyone and things get drowned or something I guess The Drowning Pool is a good name for the river, lake, water Whatever My friends seem to all be half n half There are 2 stars, 3 stars and 4 stars So, I guess it s whatever you like it don t like Happy Reading Mel Thank you to www.shotsmag.co.uk for my ARC for which I have given an honest review Nel Abbot was found dead in the river, just a few short months after the death of her daughter s best friend Katie in similar circumstances Nel had lived in Mill House by the river her entire life, and most of her memories pretty much revolved around this dark and forbidding body of water, particularly The Drowning Pool It s a place of secrets, mysteries and witchcraft Nel was completely obsessed with stories of troublesome women who had lost their lives in the Drowning Pool including a 14 year old girl pronounced as a witch during the Witchfinder Trials in the seventeenth century.Nel leaves behind a daughter, 15 year old Lena who appears to harbour secrets of her own, and she s just one of many in this small town of Beckford It s a small town with big secrets.The tragedy brings Nel s sister Jules back to the place she swore she d never return to She s Lena s only family now, but they ve never met and relations between the two are somewhat strained to say the least.The narrative is told from many viewpoints, with each chapter being devoted to a different character I particularly enjoyed the way this worked, as it gave each character plenty of depth The fact that they were bite sized chapters too, was an added bonus.There was something of a slow start, but not enough to spoil my enjoyment of it, as the hints at witchcraft and mysteries, and where this story was actually going, really kept me gripped There s a sinister air throughout, with unknown voices and footsteps on creaking floorboards in the dead of night There are lots of threads to the storyline, lots of frayed edges, but Paula Hawkins pulls them all together to create a fascinating read. Twisted, suspenseful, spooky eerie mysterious to the very end wasn t even expecting I like this book much so nice surprise I found the book free in The Little Library box give a way exchange in front of a neighbors housegorgeous descriptions and visuals created of scenery an enthralling textured large cast of characters, lots of thinking about these people , and an ending that stopped me cold Taunting exquisite prose I might have liked this than The Girl On The Train.It was multi layered 4.5 rating A Small Town by the River, 10 Characters Perspectives of One recent Into The Water Death that rippled a River of other Past tragic Memories The Story The River can go back over the past and bring it all up and and spit it out on the banks in full view of everyone, but people can t It s simple, they found her in the water she jumpedBut a hell of past history of persecution against women comes upon this small town as if the river decided to bring this past and spit it with Nel s body..From Witch ordeal trials, to blame girls women of men s infidelity.With a depressing tangled story about Women, Sisters and friends, Mothers and Daughters, Love and affairs, Memories and Tales..And Forgiveness 10 Paula Hawkins did a great work this time, much better I guess from The Girl on the Train here s there s going on, tangled characters history many possible suspects , even if I predict it by the second half, It kept surprising me with twists, till the very end..The writing style was still as I loved in TGOTT sad and depressing, and the story has heart breaking scenes and strong characters confrontations..Speaking of characters The Characters Craze The 10 Characters perspectives add to that chapters by the dead character s own written book was a crazy idea , I was like that s 3 characters than A Game of Thrones, in even half the pages count. But it turned out perfect than perfect, they may seems all different, even some of them unnecessary at the beginning but deeper you get Into The Water , the you realise they re not that different characters and everyone have an important role in the whole mystery.Yet, I loved Jules character so much since the beginning, her hard complicated past with her sister, the river..and men I cast her as Bree from Desperate Housewives, I don t know why she reminded me strongly with her Just as Rachel in TGOTT, I felt sad and care much for this character despite her sad depressing feelings and even her faults..Jules chapters also written very uniquely and smartall the time her perspective is she s telling what s happening as if she s talking to her dead sister..That was really heartbreakingwith all the twists happening.And why I said it s not so different characters , cause every perspective has its own haunting dead loved or hated one..Lena, the teenage daughter s who lost her very best friend and mother in the same month her scene with Louise her best friend s Mother was a great well written one.Sean Townsend, the police and his father Patrick,and wife Helen, and their complicated past, since Sean lost his mother when he was so youngand his affair recently.And Erin, his partner in the case of Nel s death, she also suffer a troubled past thoughI feel she s a bit the weakest character here Nikie, the old town s hag, she also speaks to the deads but not metaphorically, she s a witch descendent, her grand grandmother the first to be drowned in the river in Witches Ordeal Trials..I really loved the mystery, this puzzle game where every character seems to hide something and chapter by chapter the picture get clearersome mysteries reveals as if the river really brings everything from the past from deep into te water..to spit it by the end view spoiler Yet Mark, the teacher, we never knew his fate by the end it s left to the reader.Also the Nel s hand bracelet is a bit unclear YET I really loved the last revelations, the twist by the last chapter hide spoiler congratulations, 2017 goodreads choice winner in best mystery thriller oooh, goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best mystery what will happen review posted at los angeles review of books here this for L.A review of books and they sent me a finished book instead of an ARC these britches i have become too big for them In the last days before her death, Nel called her sister Jules didn t pick up the phone, ignoring her plea for help Now Nel is dead They say she jumped And Jules has been dragged back to the one place she hoped she had escaped for good, to care for the teenage girl her sister left behind But Jules is afraid So afraid Of her long buried memories, of the old Mill House, of knowing that Nel would never have jumped And most of all she s afraid of the water, and the place they call the Drowning Pool.

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