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Into the Magic Shop: A neurosurgeon's true story of the life-changing magic of mindfulness and compassion that inspired the hit K-pop band BTS (English Edition) I recently had 8 high school students through my non profit program read this book and to say that it was impactful for both the students and my team is an understatement 5 of the 8 students and I grew up in the same hometown as Dr Doty and we were immediately hooked after the page that read Lancaster, California Dr Doty s story reinforced the idea that no matter where one comes from or how rough their upbringing is, a combination of the right mindset and the compassion of those around us can expand our horizons and propel us to achieve things beyond our wildest dreams Dr Doty s narrative of resilience, grit, and standing up for ourselves is easy to follow along with and inspirational for readers at any stage in life We were blessed to meet with Dr Doty during our program in Silicon Valley and some of our students welled up after Dr Doty reiterated to them the importance of compassion and affirmed their hopes and dreams Dr Doty is a truly remarkable and compassionate human being and we can all learn and be inspired by his story Into the Magic Shop is a highly recommended read The Award Winning New York Times Bestseller That Inspired BTS S K Pop Song Magic Shop The Day That Year Old James Doty Walked In To His Local Magic Shop Is The Day That Changed His Life Once The Neglected Son Of An Alcoholic Father And A Mother With Chronic Depression, He Has Gone On To Become A Leading Neurosurgeon, Based At Stanford University He Credits Ruth For This Incredible Turnaround The Remarkable Woman He Met At The Cactus Rabbit Magic Shop, Who Devoted The Summer To Transforming His Mind And Opening His HeartIn This Uplifting Memoir, Jim Explains The Visualisation Techniques Ruth Taught Him That Gave Him The Self Esteem To Imagine A New Future For Himself He Examines The Science Behind Mindfulness And Why The Skills He Learned Of Focus And Attention Now Help Him To Think Fast And Keep Calm In The Operating Theatre And He Shows Us What Is Possible When You Start To Change Your Brain And Your Heart Into The Magic Shopimparts Some Powerful Life Lessons About How To Live Better, And Inspires Us To Believe That We All Have Inside Us The Capacity To Change Our Own Destiny I M Sure Many Readers Will Be Moved By This Inspiring Story To Open Their Hearts And See What They Too Can Do For Others His Holiness The Dalai Lama This book is an interesting one that I read in one night It is both a memoir and a metaphysical book, and is written by a neurosurgeon The introduction has a graphic description of brain surgery which I stopped reading long before it was over Chapter One then goes back to Lancaster, California in 1968, where the author is a twelve year old who feels like he is most unlucky where his family is concerned His father is an alcoholic with unsteady employment, his mother is depressed and sometimes suicidal, his older brother is always frightened, and eviction is always a possibility But then he walks into a magic shop one day, where Ruth, the owner s mother, decides he would be a good candidate to teach the magic of metaphysics.What she basically teaches him is meditation and visualization Those are two topics I ve read much about, since I ve read hundreds of metaphysical books, but have never been truly enticed to practice No, I m not going to add until now Although if you are interested in those two things and don t won t to get bogged down in heavy reading, this book would be an excellent one to read What you will learn is relaxing the body , taming the mind , opening the heart and clarifying your intent There are step by step instructions, of two to three pages, about each of those techniques after they are discussed There are also audio versions of those instructions at a website mentioned in the book Thus, this is a bit of a self help book, too.Dr Doty describes how his childhood is tremendously changed after spending six weeks learning Ruth s lessons His family life doesn t really change, he is the one who changes Sometimes while reading this book, it seems unreal a 12 year old American boy in 1968 would have the patience and desire to learn those lessons, but I will believe that the good doctor is telling the truth He then goes on to describe the rest of his life, where he beat all odds to go to college and medical school, and became a very successful and wealthy neurosurgeon With success came arrogance, however, and there were some disastrous happenings But once Dr Doty realized he was listening too much to his brain and not enough to his heart, he balanced out his life and began teaching compassion and altruism Like the Dalai Lama, he says kindness is his religion The author has certainly come a long way from his days as an angry, envious child, who was afraid his life would always be defined by his unhappy, poor family and circumstances beyond his control A good read. I didn t rush through the reading of this book I took it in in relatively small bites because I quickly realized it was likely to be a transformative experience I m 86 years old, a psychologist in my career I studied and practiced therapy in a wide variety of settings Over those years a pretty small group of books really bent and changed my direction To transform me in some way I am happy to add Dr Doty s Into the Magic Shop to my list Especially now that I no longer practice therapy and find that the end of life requires transformation as much or than any other phase I recommend you try it for yourself. Le el libro el a o pasado el digital y me gust tanto que tuve que pillarmelo en f sico y planeo en releerlo. Back in the 1970 s, I took a meditation course with a well known Hindu teacher named Swami Rama, who was one of the first yogis whose significant mental powers were studied by Western scientists What I learned from him about the tools of relaxation, meditation, focusing on a mantra were very effective in my life But like so many others, my best intentions were waylaid by daily living, and after a few years I stopped meditating This was to my detriment since the constant stress of working, raising a family and trying to keep my head above water financially created havoc with my health.In the meantime, Swami Rama became a controversial character after being accused by several women of being sexually abused and exploited by the holy man in his Ashram This kind of revelation has become almost common place as we ve come to understand that great teachers can all too often possess a great ability to take advantage of those he or she teaches and who place so much trust and love in that person.Today, mindfulness is almost a buzzword in everything from sports to business as meditation has been studied and proven to be beneficial and rewarding to those who practice it.As I read through the first few chapters of Into the Magic Shop, I felt a definite deja vu as Dr Doty describes the magic he was taught by Ruth in the magic shop of his youth I purchased the book because the blurb about Dr Doty seemed intriguing, but I soon felt like the book was nothing than a self help book disguised as an autobiography, and while I understood that the magic described in the book is indeed powerful, I already knew all about what he was describing as the magic and was about to put the book aside disappointed that the book never felt like it was going anywhere.I m very glad that I didn t, however, since once Dr Doty began to relate the amazing journey he took from Lancaster, California to the pinnacle of financial and professional success, the book became one I couldn t put down The remarkable arc of his journey becomes a life lesson for so many people hell bent on success at all costs.Dr Doty is frank about his failings in relationships and about how the magic he learned got him everything he wanted materially, but let him bankrupt in many other ways It was only when he began to understand that only through Kindness, Compassion, Empathy and Love does a life truly become fulfilled that he understood how he had misused the magic he d learned.In our society, the words above are used often, but they are not taken to heart, which is the organ Dr Doty believes be the true seat of our greatest human virtues not the brain.Dr Doty s story of how the magic he learned as a child can be used toward good or ill is a vitally important one in a society that values material wealth, fame and irresponsible consumerism as the most desirable Not one to just talk about Kindness, Compassion, Empathy and Love, he created the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University CCARE states as its mission that it investigates methods for cultivating compassion and promoting altruism within individuals and society through rigorous research, scientific collaborations, and academic conferences In addition, CCARE provides a compassion cultivation program and teacher training as well as educational public events and programs.Into the Magic Shop A Neurosurgeon s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart is both a fascinating journey of a successful neurosurgeon and entrepreneur as well as a remarkable prescription for creating a much happier and healthier individual so that those same benefits can be shared with the entire human population It is an ambitious goal, but one that and people feel dedicated to achieving especially in a world where hatred, injustice and intolerance seem to predominate in our media and in our politics.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Into the Magic Shop: A neurosurgeon's true story of the life-changing magic of mindfulness and compassion that inspired the hit K-pop band BTS (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted James Doty author readers around the world.

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