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Interview with the Vampire This Is The Story Of Louis, As Told In His Own Words, Of His Journey Through Mortal And Immortal Life Louis Recounts How He Became A Vampire At The Hands Of The Radiant And Sinister Lestat And How He Became Indoctrinated, Unwillingly, Into The Vampire Way Of Life His Story Ebbs And Flows Through The Streets Of New Orleans, Defining Crucial Moments Such As His Discovery Of The Exquisite Lost Young Child Claudia, Wanting Not To Hurt But To Comfort Her With The Last Breaths Of Humanity He Has Inside Yet, He Makes Claudia A Vampire, Trapping Her Womanly Passion, Will, And Intelligence Inside The Body Of A Small Child Louis And Claudia Form A Seemingly Unbreakable Alliance And Even Settle Down For A While In The Opulent French Quarter Louis Remembers Claudia S Struggle To Understand Herself And The Hatred They Both Have For Lestat That Sends Them Halfway Across The World To Seek Others Of Their Kind Louis And Claudia Are Desperate To Find Somewhere They Belong, To Find Others Who Understand, And Someone Who Knows What And Why They AreLouis And Claudia Travel Europe, Eventually Coming To Paris And The Ragingly Successful Theatre Des Vampires A Theatre Of Vampires Pretending To Be Mortals Pretending To Be Vampires Here They Meet The Magnetic And Ethereal Armand, Who Brings Them Into A Whole Society Of Vampires But Louis And Claudia Find That Finding Others Like Themselves Provides No Easy Answers And In Fact Presents Dangers They Scarcely ImaginedOriginally Begun As A Short Story, The Book Took Off As Anne Wrote It, Spinning The Tragic And Triumphant Life Experiences Of A Soul As Well As The Struggles Of Its Characters, Interview Captures The Political And Social Changes Of Two Continents The Novel Also Introduces Lestat, Anne S Most Enduring Character, A Heady Mixture Of Attraction And Revulsion The Book, Full Of Lush Description, Centers On The Themes Of Immortality, Change, Loss, Sexuality, And Powerurce Annerice

About the Author: Anne Rice

Anne Rice born Howard Allen Frances O Brien is a best selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books Best known for The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in 2002 Her books have sold nearly 100 million copies, making her one of the most widely read authors in modern history.She uses the pseudonym Anne Rampling for adult themed fiction i.e., erotica and A.N Roquelaure for fiction featuring sexually explicit sado masochism.

10 thoughts on “Interview with the Vampire

  1. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    If you would kindly look at my shelves, you might notice that I ve read a good chunk of vampire novels written in the past two decades It seemed strange to me, though, that I still hadn t read one of theimportant ones Now, I don t think it s because this book is particularly brilliant or a masterpiece Yet it does represent an important paradigm shift in the representation of vampires in modern literature Whilst Vampires are still unaccountably evil in this novel, they ar

  2. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    People who cease to believe in God or goodness altogether still believe in the devil I don t know why No, I do indeed know why Evil is always possible And goodness is eternally difficultIt s been ages I first saw the movie but I still remember how much I enjoyed it How sorry I felt for Louis when he told his story and how much I loved Lestat for being the evil manipulator that he is lol By now I even have Interview with the Vampire on DVD and every once in a while I re watch it

  3. C. C. says:

    You begin.It seems like it might be fun A little bit trashy, but fun Not so well written Disappointing.Already, you know it won t be up to much.You keep reading.Why this way You read, wondering why It seems pointless.You are bored, your mind wanders.You keep reading.You cannot stop.It is dark.So dark.The atmosphere.Dark Macabre Gothic Haunting.Erotic.You are trapped.Trapped in someone s twisted fantasy.Kinky.Until pain and suffering and anguish and loneliness are beautiful.Alluring.Se

  4. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    I have to say I liked the movie better I mean eye candy I have wanted to read this series forever and since one of my groups is doing a challenge for a badge I thought now would be perfect BUT, if they don t get better I m not going to waste my time Too many books to waste time anyHappy Reading Mel I have to say I liked the movie better I mean eye candy I have wanted to read this series forever and since one of my groups is doing a challenge for a badge I thought now would be perfect BUT, if

  5. Leo . Leo . says:

    I really enjoyed this book Read it a while ago Thought the film was very good Not sure whether it was as good as the book or not It is very similar to The Picture Of Dorian Grey In both books the main character had a wealth of knowledge and experience They rub shoulders with the , privileged people.Is vampirism real I once watched a documentary video fake news And in the film a lab scientist had a series of clear tanks containing mice Some pregnant mice, some new born mice and anot I really enjoyed

  6. Madeline Madeline says:

    Damn you straight to hell, 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die, for what you made me do You made me read a goddamn vampire book Not only that, you made me read a vampire book with a cover made entirely of shiny ostentatious material that shouted to everyone in the library as I checked this out, Look everyone Madeline is reading a book about vampires SHINY SHINY SHINY LOOK AT ME I CONTAIN SEXY BROODING VAMPIRES AND I AM SO EFFING SHINY I cannot stress how shiny gold this cover is Li Damn you straight t

  7. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Interview with the Vampire The Vampire Chronicles, 1 , Anne RiceThis is the story of Louis, as told in his own words, of his journey through mortal and immortal life Louis recounts how he became a vampire at the hands of the radiant and sinister Lestat and how he became indoctrinated, unwillingly, into the vampire way of life His story ebbs and flows through the streets of New Orleans, defining crucial moments such as his discovery of the exquisite lost young child Claudia, wanting not to hu Interview with the V

  8. Vessey Vessey says:

    I admit that I couldn t get through the rest of The Vampire Chronicles , but this one stays a favourite.Why do you like it so, oh, vampire crazy Vessey Really, I do like vampires Even though I m not a Twilight fan I even have my own set of teeth A real goth girl inhabits my body and she hungers for dark adventures I m a sinister person, I know First, I really like Anne Rice s prose It is so beautiful and enchanting The whole story comes along with a good measure of dark sensuality, I admit that I couldn t get through t

  9. Ren Ren says:

    I first read this book in High School and my sad gothic self immediately fell in love with its beautiful, damaged characters For years this book haunted me The rest of the Vampires books were pulpy fun but this book really had something She captured something here and her almost baroque prose really carries the story Later in life, I came to realize that Interview is a kind of Catcher In The Rye for goths Louis is turned into a vampire and continues his search for the answers who he is, wh I first read this book in High Schoo

  10. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    Oh God, I m going to have to do this Oh well, here I go Hmm he looks a bit fierce Bless me, Father, for I have sinned Silence erm now what am I supposed to say oh yes I confess to God almighty, to blessed Mary, ever Virgin, to all the Saints, and to you Father, that I have sinned very much in thought, word, deed and omission, by my fault, my fault, my most grievous fault Especially since my last confession which was approximately 23 years and several months ago Er Hmm I Oh God, I m going to have to do this Oh well, here I go Hmm he

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