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Hunter Killer: Danny Black Thriller 2 (Danny Black Series) (English Edition) Hunter KillerThis is the second in Chris Ryan s series of books featuring SAS member Danny Black Once again Black is put against forces and ideologies that clash with so called British values.London has experienced two significant terrorist attacks The death toll is massive and the British government are terrified they will be perceived as being impotent against such atrocities Black and a colleague are put on a shoot to kill footing with specific instructions to track the bombers and their leaders and kill them.In a fast paced narrative which takes no prisoners Black goes to work Despite the impression of a clash between two ideologies what Ryan does expose is that the root of the struggle is focused on power and fear The concept of right and wrong is never an issue it is simply kill or be killed Faults on both sides are readily exposed and the element of choice is never there as the emphasis is firmly placed on the concept of following orders.The whiff of corruption and betrayal is prevalent throughout and whilst it is a work of fiction the reader is conscious that the murder of IRA members in Gibraltar and the existence of a radical cleric are things which have happened in real life In effect this work of fiction draws extensively from real life happenings.An entertaining book if terrorism and murder can be regarded as entertaining topics Worth noting that the author does have a military background so perhaps it may be closer to the truth than we would actually like Whatever the case may be the contents strip down the human psyche to a basic level that at times is not comfortable to the reader. Easy read if you like full blown action, But parts of it were not so good, such as the end Dannys brother, dannys girlfriend ,the traitor and the American involvementall rushed and seemed like the author needed a speedy finish to the story.Only my opinion I quite enjoyed this for an all action, escapist read I had some doubts about the first novel in the Black series.you really have to suspend belief sometimes.and this novel is no different However, once you accept this, the plot moves very quickly from the UK to the hotbed countries of the Far East The plot has some similarities with the Spoder Sheperd novels of Steven Leather.with terrorist bombings in Londodn and undercover SAS operatives The hero of this novel, Black, is however a much ruthless, dangerous character..in effect an assassin who doesn t care how he dispatches his enemies Not for the faint hearted perhaps But it s always good to see some really bad guys get their come upance. After the first book, it was great to see Danny and Spud dragged into another great story line with lots going on in the back ground, as with most books I struggle with the over bearing establishment forced onto troopers, just an old soldier thing, it was a great read, my only concern is for the future, we are much better than the CIA and Delta, we think better can you feel my excitement looking forward to , nice one Mr Ryan. I loved this book It has me gripped straight away, it was intriguing from the beginning, and it got emotions swirling and by the end i wanted to do bad things to certain characters haha To me, thoroughly enjoyable I was already into the storyline when a 10 hour power outage on a pouring wet day gave me the ideal excuse to curl up and finish it This has been a welcome addition to my list of authors. I really enjoyed this book it had excitement from start to finish with plenty of twists and turns and kept me turning the pages as always Chris Ryan s books are full of action and I look forward to reading from him I m running out of superlatives, another gripping page turner from Chris Ryan, Black is better than Jason Bourne, and it surely cant be too long until a series of Movies are made. The second book in the hugely popular Danny Black series by the creator of the hit TV show StrikebackTheir operations are deniable Their skill is deadly SAS hero Danny Black is recruited to an assassination squad directed to hunt down and kill terrorist cells in a gripping thriller from the man who knows what its like at the front line The suicide bomb strikes central London The trail leads first to a hate cleric in a North London mosque, and his connections to a devout Saudi prince with a taste for hookers, drugs and booze But its only when Danny tracks down his target to a training camp in the Yemen that he finds there may be a connection a hell of a lot closer to home A tremendous and gripping read really keeps you interested in what is going to happen next really moving and all action and with all the deep twists of who is telling the truth

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hunter Killer: Danny Black Thriller 2 (Danny Black Series) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Chris Ryan author readers around the world.

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