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    I haven t fully read this book as yet BUT so far it is well written and the diagrams are good and easy to follow however I am not quite sure as to whether this is suitable for ordinary everyday In Line skatesreason.because it is mainly aimed at the Pic Skate , which is why I bought it in the first place VERY GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY

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    If you are really a beginner in skating in general, this book is not for you If you ve been ice skating for a while, but new to inline skating, this book can help you learn review skating moves on in line pic skates Don t expect very clear directions or illustrations It has stick figures and if you re not familiar with a jump or spin, this book will not teach you how to do it It will say do a 360 degree jump through the air without explaining how one is to do such a thing.However, I have found it helpful if I see a jump on YouTube or somewhere then go back and read the explanation in the book With the video and the book, everything becomes clearer.

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    This is a very enjoyable book, and the written descriptions of how to do each jump are very clear The one thing I really wish it had are clearer illustrations The stick figures are confusing, and make it impossible to see which leg or arm is in front or in back A stop action progression of photos, or at least a lifelike, detailed illustration would go a long way towards enhancing the understanding of how these moves are done Overall, I still recommend the book, and have found the information useful especially considering there isn t much if anything written about this subject.

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    Don t waste your money Teaches you nothing Do a Wiki or Google searchand you ll learn far than this.

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